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I am watching a documentary about animals. There were two baby bears and they looked so soft. Now there are fireflies and they are sooooo pretty. OML THERE ARE GLOW IN THE DARK MUSHROOMS! Anyways on with the chapter :)

Jefferson was scratching at Peter's hands that were covering his face.

Peter just layed there laughing even though he started bleeding.

"Peter, you're bleeding." Bucky said reminding Peter.

Peter just continued to laugh "I know. That's what I get for not petting Jefferson after I have been petting him" Peter replied laughing even more.

Bucky couldn't watch Peter get cut up anymore from Jefferson. Yes Peter did ask for it. Bucky picked up Jefferson off of Peter.

Peter looked like he just got off a mission. His arms and hands were cut up and some spots on his face.

"Awww come onnn" Peter said.

"I can't watch a puppy being scratched up by another puppy" Bucky said smiling.

"I'm not a puppppppy!" Peter said sitting up. Peter then started to feel the pain and regreted it.

Bucky started petting Peter's head "It's okay. I'll get you some treats if you be a good boy and stay" Bucky said sounding like he's talking to an actual dog.

Peter pouted and stayed put. He watched Bucky walk away not leaving Jefferson.

~20 minute time skip~

Peter's eyes glew up when he saw Bucky return.

"You actually stayed." Bucky said. Bucky handed Peter a bag.

Peter quickly ripped open the bag to reveal candy, ice cream, and actual doggie treats.

Bucky sat Jefferson down and Jefferson ran up to Peter for the treats.

Peter looked at the dog making eye contact. Jefferson then sat, put his paw up to shake and give a high-five. He then rolled over on his back and stuck his tongue out. Peter tossed the treat up and Jefferson caught it in his mouth.

Yes, that is how I'm going to end this chapter. This chapter took two days because I took a little break. Also I got only three hours of sleep (on purpose) :)


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