Science Class

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Peter: I brought the Declaration of Independence to school, and I regret it.

Shuri: Half of the class was joking that he stole it. It was five dollars from Cracker Barrell.

Ned: The Substitute asked why he took it out in Science class and he yelled "IT'S TIME TO GET EDUCATED"

Loki: That's because he didn't take his ADHD meds.

Peter: Whoops?

MJ: We quoted Vines in that class. That was fun. Also this kid went around the classroom with a laptop that had a photo of a rainbow zebra. He said "If you're a part of this cult I'll find you, and I'll kill you".

Shuri: Ned pulled out a rubber chicken and squeezed it.

Ned: It made a loud sqeaky noise but it was worth it. Plus Peter wore Spider-Man socks, pulled his pants up to show them, then jumped onto a chair.

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