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Peter uploaded a photo

Peter uploaded a photo

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Peter: Explain.

Stephen: Um....


Stephen: I can explain?

Tony: Go ahead.

Shuri: Peter why are you laughing?

Shuri: Oh. hA

Stephen: Actually I can't explain.

John joined the chat.

John: I can explain.

Tony: Who are you?

John: Well I'm your and Stephens friend in a different universe. Well a different me is your friend but still let me explain.

Tony: Go head.

Stephen: Well hello Doctor Watson.

John: Doctor Strange.

Sherlock joined the group chat.

Sherlock: Hello Strange.

Stephen: Sherlock.

John: Been awhile hasn't it?

Sherlock: Yep.

Tony: Alright explain.

Sherlock: Go ahead Jawn.

John: Alright so there are different universes. There is also a fourth wall but that's not this conversation.

John: Anyways Sherlock is Stephen and Stephen is Sherlock. Tony you're also Sherlock.

Dr. Watson joined the group chat.

Sherlock Holmes joined the group chat.

Dr. Watson: Tony. You're my best friend.

Sherlock Holmes: You're also me.

Dr. Watson left the group chat.

Sherlock Holmes left the group chat.

Sherlock: It's weird. We know. Anyways that picture is me.

Tony: Oh okay. That still doesn't make any sense but okay.

Sherlock: Hold on be right back Anderson is being a b-


Sherlock: How'd you do that? We're texting.

John: Their universe has magic and stuff.

Sherlock left the group chat.

John left the group chat.

Stephen: :))

Oof hope you guys liked that.

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