Ice Cream

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Peter: Dad.


Peter: Good vine reference.

~Later in the day~

"Son." Steve says

"Don't call me son." Peter replied

"Alright. Son I-" Steve tries to say but gets interrupted.

"I'm not your son." Peter said getting a little mad.

"Son let me fi-" Steve started

"CALL ME SON ONE MORE TIME!" Peter yelled at the super soldier.

"Go to your room Peter. That's a demand from your Captain." Steve said.

"Sir" Peter tried to say more but gets interrupted

"Go to your room!" Steve said getting angry.

That was a little Hamilton reference for you guys :)

~Later that day~

Shuri ran to Peter's room and opened the door without knocking. "Hey!"

Peter sat there facing the other side of the bed with earbuds in.

Shuri jumps on Peter.

"WHAT THE HE-" Peter yelled.

"Hey. Just me!" Shuri said.

"Oh. H-Hey. What are you doing here?" Peter asked.

"You, Tony, Stephen, Bucky, Loki, and I are going out for ice cream" She said happily.

"With out Steve?" The boy asked.

"With out Steve." Shuri replied.

The two teens wrapped hands and ran outside and scrambled into the car.

~skips the part where they get ice cream because it's just like when they went to McDonalds. They just got home~

Peter runs to his room with Loki and Shuri following. The three teenagers sat on his bed eating their ice cream. After they were all done they started smacking each other with pillows.

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