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Ooooof here we go. Little weird Emo thoughts.

Peter: What if Vampire Money music video was just mosquitoes working at McDonalds?

Loki: If I say "No but I got Cheese Whiz" over and over again will Ryan Ross hear me and come back?

Shuri: If I make a Black Parade will everyone from MCR be there?

Peter: Do you know how to find Panic! At The Disco in a crowd?

Shuri: You mean Brendon Urie?


Loki: She's a pear in my kart. I'm a lime. She's a pear in my kart. I'm a tire.

Shuri: I wonder if "High Hopes" is secretly for Ryan Ross. What if he's saying "I always had high hopes that Ryan would come back".

Loki: Cumbertoes and Fingerchips.

Shuri: Brendon is in FOB music videos. I wonder if MCR was still around if Tyler and Josh would be in at least one of there videos.

The Vampire Money thought came to me earlier when mosquitoes we're attacking me.

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