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So about Jefferson the doggo. I named Jefferson after the character Sebastian Stan plays in Once Upon A Time. He plays the Mad Hatter. Also if you don't know, he plays Bucky/Winter soldier. This chapter is going to be about Peter, Bucky, and Jefferson.

Bucky: gUYS

Peter: hey Uncle Bucky!

~I am shook too, don't worry. Writing with one finger isn't putting me in a hurry. This is a text to life transformation so I'm sorry~

Peter ran to Bucky with Jefferson following. Peter jumped on the one human armed man, he clinged onto him. Bucky who's not used to this almost fell when the kid jumped on him in shock.

"You seem sh00k" Peter said.

"Did you just say 'S' 'h' '0' '0' 'k'?" Bucky asked while laughing

"Perhaps" Peter said.

"Oh, perhaps. Okaaaaay" Bucky replied back in a joking way.

Peter giggled as if he is a girl at a sleepover during a nice pillow fight.

Bucky booped Peter on the nose and that shocked Peter but Peter booped him back.

They started off by saying "boop" in a fun way but it ended up as one of them trying to be louder than the other one. "bOOOOOOP" Peter yelled. "BOOP!!" Bucky yelled louder than Peter and already knew that he won.

They both started laughing when Steve ran to them to see what happened.

Steve was embarrassed. He was wearing Captain America pjs. He wasn't embarrassed about that though. He was embarrassed about his hair. His hair was growing a bit to much and it was wet. When his hair gets wet it gets in his eyes.

"Hello Mr. Edge Lord" Peter said.

Bucky choked on mid air and covered up his laugh with a cough.

"I'm not an edge looord" Steve responded.

"You kind of are. With your dinner sized plate frisbee thing" Bucky replied.

"Whatever. You have a metal arm. You can't throw that" Steve said.

Peter got defensive. "uM. Excuse me? First of all his arm is cool. Second of all he can just rip it off and throw it!" Peter replied.

Bucky just smirked and picked up Jefferson.

"Kid. Look I didn't m-" Steve started.

Peter put it up to an end quickly. "Nope. Zip it!" Peter said. Obviously everyone was joking, including Peter.

"Wow, you are just like your dad" Steve said.

"Thank you!" Peter said.

Peter turned to see Bucky on the floor with Jefferson on top of Bucky licking his face.

Peter sat down and Jefferson quickly got into the boy's lap.

"Wow. That's impressive. I wish I could get my goats to be that smart" Bucky said.

Peter snorted and layed back with Jefferson laying on top of him.

To be completely honest with you guys. I stopped here because I'm lazy. Hope you liked this one and like the rest of the chapters.

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