Mother Steve

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Yep. It's mother Steve everyone. Also Peter and Steve apologized to each other sooooo yee.


Loki teleports him, Bucky, Peter, Shuri, and Stephen.

"EXPLAIN THIS!" The man in bright pink paint and dye all over him.

The teenagers and two men were trying not to laugh.

"You activated the tripwire." Loki said casually with a straight face.

"Oh okay. Well looks like you guys aren't getting sweets" The angry little pink bean said.

"THAT'S NOT FAIR!" The prankers yelled back to the statement.

"Life's not fair" Steve replied.

Tony walked in "One true mom right there." Tony stated.

The prankers remembered how much Steve hated being called a mom.

"Such a mother hen!" Stephen said smiling.

"True soccer mom" Loki said.

"Ooooo get it gurl!" Shuri said trying not to laugh.

"Guys stop."

"Look at Steve. Being a mom at his finest" Bucky said.

Everyone except Steve started laughing.

Peter saw that the paint hasn't dried yet. The boy ran out the room and came back with red, white, and blue confetti. He then threw the bag of confetti onto Steve making it stick.

"So is Steve going to be the mom to cut the cake tonight?" Peter asked.

The blonde super soldier ran after the group of Prankers and Tony.

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