What a surprising day

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Loki: Tony?

Stephen: Toonnnnyyyyyy!?

Peter: Mr. Stark?


"Tony?" Peter asked worried for the other male in the room.

Tony didn't respond.

"Mr. Stark?" Peter asked getting even more worried.

Tony was laying on the couch facing the other way.

"Dad?" Peter asked. Peter heard little sounds coming from the man.

Peter ran over to Tony. He pulled Tony over to face him. He saw that Tony was asleep. Then he saw that Tony has been crying.

Peter ran off with his Iron Man onesie on and brought back a drawing he made of him and Tony. The boy ran back to the room.

Peter soon realized that Tony's breathing got faster. Peter set down the drawing and ran over to the man on the couch shaking him awake.

Tony woke up gasping for air but was feeling like he couldn't.

Peter wrapped his arms around Tony and shushed him. After he got his dad to calm down he covered Tony's eyes.

"Kid. What are you doing?" Tony asked.

Peter grabbed the amazing drawing he did. "Set your hands out" Peter demanded.

Tony did what he was told and felt a light paper like texture on his hands. Then the lightness got heaver buy the second.

"Open your eyes" Peter said cheerfully.

Tony opened his eyes to see candy covering a piece of paper. Tony moved the candy off and saw the photo. He flipped it over to see a note.

"This is for when you're feeling alone or when you're stressed :)"

Tony smiled at the note. His eyes were watering.

"Umm...dad. Your eyes are sweating" Peter said jokingly.

Tony grabbed his son and hugged him the tightest he could.

"Hey. Don't give me all the credit" Peter said. Just then Stephen and Loki walked into the room.

"They did a lot of the work as well. Loki colored and Stephen helped me draw and helped Loki with the shading" Peter said smiling.

"Thank you guys so much" Tony said getting up to hug the three males who made his day so much better.

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