Only Peter and Shuri

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So one of my male best friends told me to do this.

Shuri: Hewo

Peter: Oi

Shuri: Reeeee

Peter: Rawr

Shuri: Rwarr

Peter: Hiss

Shuri: Hisss

Peter: Animal sounds

Shuri: *more animal sounds*

Peter: :3

Shuri: ^•^

Peter: What's ur occupation rn

Peter: In other words wyd?

Shuri: Listening to stuff. You?

Peter: Listening to what my fellow fire hydrant? I'm watching a show.

Shuri: Vines

Peter: 🤦 why am I not surprised but I kinda chuckled lol

Shuri: :)))))

Peter: :)))))))))

Shuri: :))))))))))))

Peter: :)

Shuri: Yee

Peter: Reeet

Shuri: Reet?

Peter: Yes

Shuri: Yee

Peter: Yee

Shuri: :v

Shuri: Pacman

Peter: Manpac

Shuri: Pacc

Peter: Pacc Attac

Shuri: Yee

Peter: Eey

Shuri: eeY

Peter: Ye that

Shuri: yEEEE

Peter: Ye this ye that

Shuri: Yea

Peter: WYM yea

Shuri: I mean yea

Peter: I don't understand

Shuri: Yeeeee

That was actually my male best friend and my texting conversation. I obviously had to leave some stuff out and add some stuff.

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