Chapter 45 ~ the 'party' on Olympus.

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Void's Palace.

"We should have told them," said Trent, while he ran his hand through his messy, dark brown hair. "We could have somehow sneaked out and told them about the Moon Souls."

The Void (actually ex-Void) commanders all sat in the living room area between their apartments.

Rex shook his head. "We would have been caught. Plus, it's not like it would've change anything. They couldn't have exactly prepared themselves for the Moon Souls arrival."

Trent sighed. "Still, we should have done something."

Melina tapped her fingers on the little light stand that stood next to the sofa chair she sat on.

She kind of ignored all of the conversations between her friends.

She kept thinking back to when things were much less complicated than this. When there was no war, and no fear of Void catching them siding with the enemy.

Melina hated that man with a passion. Her life was perfect until he decided to come along and completely ruin it for her.

Out of all of the nine commanders, she was the first to join the army. She didn't want to, but she didn't exactly have a choice.

It was either that or extreme torture, before a slow and painful death.

All because Void had some long term grudge against the village she lived in as a child.

She was only fourteen when she joined the army. She remembered how Void had no commanders, or haven't even thought about having any.

But then, after looking over at Chaos's army and observing how well everything went along, he decided he must have them.

Melina didn't give a dam about the whole thing. To be perfectly honest, she was happy he made her the ninth commander.

Out of all the possible solutions, this one was the least bad. She would have hated being the first commander, or the second one.

And she knew she would suck at it. Aliana and Delia were meant for those parts. But not in this army, because Void didn't deserve commanders like them.

Melina kept tapping her fingers against the wooden light stand.

Even though, she joined the army long ago, she still remembered everything that took place before it.

She had quite a big family. Four brothers, two sisters and both of her parents.

She was the child somewhere in the middle, but even though she had a lot of siblings, she remembers how her parents spent time with all of them equally.

The death of her family left a traumatic side effect in her mental health for many years.

Most of the time she felt lost, as if she suddenly forgot who she was, or what she was doing.

Over the long years those effects went away, though. But she never forgot what Void did to her family.

He thought she did, but she never will. He thought that by making her his commander he somehow made up for killing her family.

He had no idea how wrong he was.

"- should I know?" Melina was slowly brought back from her deep thoughts just to hear Aliana's voice. It held irritation.

"You should know because you know Cedmi or Percy the best out of all of us," said Delia.

Melina cleared her throat making her eight friends look at her. "Sorry, I spaced out. What are we talking about?"

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