Chapter 30 ~ the introductions.

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Camp Half-Blood.

After forty three minutes, seven of Chaos's commanders were already at the place that they were mean to meet the Void's commanders in two minutes.

The seven Chaos commanders were all impatiently waiting for Luke.

"Where is he?" hissed Zoë. She might have a huge crush on Luke, but he gives her bad migraines sometimes.

Suddenly Luke ran up to them, out of breath. "Sorry, Chaos held me up a bit," he said and then smirked.

Charles saw the creepy smirk on Luke's face. "What did you do to keep him away from a while?" he questioned.

Luke smirked more. "I may or may not have put some like really strong sleeping potion in his tea that I prepared for him," he said in an innocent tone.

Adrien snickered. "He's going to kill you in the morning," he told Luke.

Luke just shrugged his shoulder, but then he did pale a bit and hurled. He was going to pay for that.

He then stood at the front in between Zoë, who was at his left and Bianca, who was at his right.

All of Chaos's commanders had their hoods up.

They waited for Void's commanders to show up and after a minute or two, they all felt eight new strong auras.

Out of the bushes in front of them came out eight cloaked figures.

They all had black cloaks with different coloured trimmings.

Apart from the one at the front, who had a deep red coloured cloak, with light red trimming and it was a female by the looks of it.

The female stepped closer. It was Delia. She was happy that they actually showed up. "Thank you for meeting us here," she said.

Luke stepped forward. His cloak was still the same as it was when he came to Earth again. Dark blue, with baby blue trimming.

"We heard you wanted to speak to all of us, so here we are. To talk," Luke informed the Void's commanders. "We also heard you have no weapons?"

Delia nodded. "We just want to talk right now. We will not try to hurt anyone in anyway."

Luke nodded and put his hands up as if to surrender. "Well we only thought it would be appropriate if we didn't have any weapons either, so we don't."

He then put his hand down. He was telling the truth.

Before they came here, he told all of his friends to leave their weapons behind, if they're only going to talk.

Delia nodded. "We would like to talk to you all... but without the hoods." She bit her bottom lip nervously.

Chaos's commanders all looked each other a little bit of surprise. They did not expect that.

Luke looked back at her. "If that's the case, we should all introduce ourselves and that would be with our real names."

He looked at everyone and both of the commander groups seemed surprised, all but Delia, who smiled.

"Very well, we'll start to take our hoods down first, since we wanted to talk and tell you our real names first," she said.

Delia then turned to the rest of the Void commanders and nodded at them. She then looked back at Chaos's commanders.

As it was only about 7pm and it was the middle of summer.

The sun was still in the sky, so it was still pretty bright in the woods, especially in the clearing.

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