Chapter 32 ~ the little talk with the fates.

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Unknown Location. - meanwhile...

Aliana's eyes snapped open and she sat up straight. She looked around herself and her gaze instantly fell on the already conscious Percy.

He was standing up about a meter to her right, with his eyes wide open, looking at something, or someone that was behind her.

She noticed they were in a black room this time.

The room was lit up, so you could still see everything in it. She also noticed she was siting on a big, dark grey fluffy rug.

Percy stood there shocked, as he watched the three figures who were in the same room as him and Aliana.

The Three Fates were all watching him, as he stared right back at them.

"Percy...?" Aliana's voice made him snap his attention to her. She looked worried, but he saw that she hadn't noticed the The Three Fates yet.

Percy tuned his attention to the The Three Fates. "What are we doing here, my ladies?" he wondered respectfully as he bowed, when he got over the shock.

Aliana looked behind her and her eyes widened when she noticed the The Three Fates. She quickly got up and walked over to stand next to Percy. She also bowed.

"What's happening?" Aliana's voice was a little shaky as she straightened up from the bow. She was a bit scared of what might happen.

The Three Fates looked between them. "It was your fate, to be stuck together for a while," spoke Lachesis.

"We have captured you two, for the both of you to let go off the past arguments," said Atropos.

Percy and Aliana looked at each other, with pure shock written on both of their faces. They did not expect this.

"We will send you back now, but you still will be enemies," said Clotho.

Aliana looked over at Percy with hurt and sadness in her eyes. Do they really have to be enemies?

"But that is for now at least." Aliana snapped her attention to Lachesis. For now? So they won't be enemies in the future?

Atropos looked between them both. "You cannot tell anyone that you've been trapped together. You both will say you were alone."

Percy and Aliana looked at each other again. But they didn't dare question the Fates. They both turned their attention to them and nodded.

"It was fun to watch you both," said Clotho, making her sisters nod along.

Before Percy or Aliana could curse them, they were both taken over by black mist.

* * *

Void's Palace.

The Void commanders were all seated in the living room between their apartments.

They were all talking about a way to find Aliana. They needed to find her quickly and they were sure Chaos's commanders wanted to find Cedmi quickly too.

"Where can she be, though?" questioned Rex. He too, thought of Aliana as a sister.

The commanders were all very quite close together to be honest. Just like the Chaos commanders were.

Ruby shook her head. "We've searched everywhere, didn't we? Unless we missed to search somewhere."

Alex sighed. "No, we definitely searched everywhere she might be..." he trailed off as he looked in one of the corners, where something moved.

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