Chapter 22 ~ the spared mysterious girl.

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Planet Regis. - the next day.

Cedmi had his beloved sword Seqten at Aliana's neck. They were kind of in an awkward position right now.

Cedmi was on his knees, one on each side of her, as she was lying underneath him. His left hand was on the ground, while the other hand held the sword at her neck.

Aliana looked at Cedmi's face. They both had their hoods down, which they took off when they started fighting each other, after Percy defeated the army.

She has seen his face before a hundred times, but she can't help admire him.

Percy looked at Aliana. And he couldn't lie that she wasn't beautiful. Because she truly was.

Aliana has light brown, long wavy hair, light pink lips, lightly tanned skin, with rosy cheeks, and fiery orange and vibrant eyes, that match her hair perfectly.

Aliana still stared up at Cedmi, and thought how he could look so dam... handsome, while he had a sword at her neck.

She gulped as the sword moved a bit. She looked into his eyes and was sure she was drowning in them.

She was weaponless. Also, now one slice with his sword, and she would be dead.

Cedmi sighed. "I'm not going to kill you, Aliana," he said softly as he took the sword away from her neck before he stood up to get out of their awkward position.

He twisted the hilt of the sword and they both watched as it turned back into the mesmerising ring.

She looked up at him and frowned. "Why? You might as well finish the job and kill me now," she said.

Even as she said that she was scared, though. Plus she didn't want to be killed by him. Anyone but him.

Cedmi smirked down at her. "And where would be the fun in that, dear?"

He then put his hood up. His cloak was in Horgen blood, which is the same colour as human blood. The cloak also had dirt, and cuts all over it.

He especially had one big cut on his arm - that you could see through the cut cloak - which had blood coming from it.

He looked down at Aliana, with his hood up. "You work for Void and you told me he joined Kronos and Gaia in the war. So I will see you quite soon, Aliana."

He smirked at her one last time and saw her frown deepen, before he then mist traveled away.

Aliana still stayed laying on the ground,  with monster blood and dust around her. She couldn't believe what just happened. But she will see him soon.

* * *

Camp Half-Blood.

Everybody was at the dining pavilion eating dinner and talking between each other about their day.

The commanders and Chaos were all worried for Percy and they hoped he would come back soon.

Chaos sighed, frustrated. He looked at his commanders. "Where the heck is he?" he asked really loudly.

He wanted Percy to come back alive, so that he can see him again, as soon as possible.

Koster suddenly stood up. He looked at everyone - who all stopped eating when Chaos shouted and were not watching him - and he frowned.

"Seriously, I swear, if Cedmi doesn't come back this second, I will-" Koster was cut of, though.

"You will what, Koster? Kill me?" asked a cloaked figure, with his hood up as he walked into the dining pavilion and crossed his arms over his chest.

He had cuts and bruises that you could see through the ripped and cut cloak, but apart from that he looked alright.

The rest of the commanders all jumped up front their seats. "Cedmi!" they all exclaimed, as they run and squished him in a hug.

The others in the dining pavilion were a little bit surprised by their actions, as they all kind of thought the commanders were all none friendly.

Cedmi chuckled. He got out of their grasp and walked over to Chaos, who too, gave him a quick hug.

When Chaos hugged Cedmi the others in the dining pavilion were a lot more shocked. He has just received a hug from the creator of the universe after all.

Cedmi looked at the commanders, and then at Chaos again. "Sorry it took me so long, but something held me up." He smirked.

The commanders and Chaos, all looked at Cedmi's cut arm, then at his bloodied cloak, and frowned.

"I thought you were meant to fight one, but did you fight, a whole group of them Horgens or something?" asked Koster in confusion.

Cedmi looked like he was dumped in blood and mud.

"No, actually, I was welcomed by an army of them," Cedmi answered.

He then frowned as he remember Aliana working for Void, who joined the other side of this war.

All of the commanders eyes widened in worry and shock. They were here for the past week and more, while Cedmi was fighting an army.

Cedmi looked at Chaos. "I'm guessing if you're here then everybody knows about Void joining Kronos and Gaia?"

Chaos nodded with a frown. "How do you know about that?" he asked curiously.

Cedmi sighed. "That is for me to know and for you to find out." He smiled widely at Chaos's annoyed face.

Koster and Adrien snickered at this, which resulted in a sharp glare from Chaos.

"Well, if you don't mind, I would love nothing more that to get some rest." Cedmi looked at everybody else in the dining pavilion.

"I will see you all later," he said and then walked out of the dining pavilion, like nothing ever happened.

The commanders, along with Chaos all went after Cedmi. They needed to catch up in everything properly.

Everybody else in the dining pavilion was too shocked to do anything. He just killed a whole army of monsters? Was all they kept thinking.

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