Chapter 15 ~ the bad news.

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Planet Chaos. - the next day.

The commander's and Chaos were all in the meeting room again, having another meeting.

"Okay, the war is going to be hard. Unfortunately," Chaos paused. "Kronos has risen again." He looked over at Percy, and then Luke.

They were listening very carefully to him.

Chaos then looked at Percy again. "And Gaia." He watched as Percy took in the information, and he saw a smirk on Percy's face.

"Queen Dirt Face is back?" Percy asked, excitement filling him.

Chaos looked confused as Percy called Gaia Queen Dirt Face. Huh? he thought.

"What?" asked a confused Adrien. "Queen Dirt Face?" He chuckled, as these words left him mouth.

Percy smiled at him sweetly. "Ah, yes of course. She had a very special name made by me and someone else, but I don't think she appreciated it, because she sent giants after us. Oh well, her loss."

Bianca face palmed. "You and that other friend came up to Gaia - the primordial goddess of Earth - and called her Queen Dirt Face?" She was quite concerned.

"No of course not." A smirk appeared on Percy's lips again.

Everyone relaxed before he added, "This other person wasn't there at the time." They all stared at him wide eyed, Chaos included.

Chaos spoke, "Tell me you didn't go up to Gaia and call her Queen Dirt Face?" It was more of a question than a statement.

Percy shook his head. "We were in the middle of battle with each other, and these words accidentally slipped out of my mouth."

Percy then frowned. "She threw a huge rock at me, I don't think she appropriated the effort." He shook his head and grinned at the shocked faces of his friends.

Luke laughed. "You are crazy!" He then clapped Percy on the back and laughed again.

Percy looked at Chaos with a serious face this time. "But there's more enemies in the war, isn't there?" he asked.

You could feel the demand in his voice and you wanted to tell him everything you knew about the war.

Chaos sighed. "I'm afraid... there are seven other titans in the war that will aid Kronos and Gaia in it," he said.

Percy nodded. "Which ones exactly?"

"Hyperion, Atlas, Koios, Iapetus, Perses, Krios and Oceanus," Chaos said the names of the titans, and saw everyone's shocked faces. Everyone's but Percy's.

"I fought four of them," Percy  murmured to himself, but everyone else seemed to hear what he said.

Percy then looked wide eyed at the shocked glances he got from everyone, even Chaos. "You weren't meant to hear that," he mumbled.

"You fought four of them?" asked Bianca, who was still wide eyed looking at Percy.

See... only Adrien and Feria know some stuff Percy did during his life on Earth.

The other six commanders only know stuff that happened before their deaths, and Luke can't remember clearly because he was possessed by Kronos.

Percy put his head in his hands and nodded. He hated having the attention from everyone on himself sometimes.

"Which ones?" You could hear the concern in Luke's voice.

Percy took his hands away from his face, and looked at Luke. He then signed, and looked at all the other commanders along with Chaos.

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