Chapter 9 ~ the kill of that jerk.

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47 years later.

Percy mist traveled into the lord's office. He was on planet Gaften.

Yes, he can mist travel. He can also fire travel and shadow travel. So he can travel in many different ways. 

But he prefers mist travel, water is his birth element after all, even though his father disowned him.

But after the years he mastered all three travels. He is also unbeatable in combat, with a sword and daggers.

He can also use a bow, but he rather throw his enchanted daggers that always come back to him.

His sword, Saqten. Is a really unique sword made from a lot of really hard or even impossible to get metals.

The sword's one side is made of celestial bronze, the other is made from Chaos silver. The hilt is made from Stygian iron.

But the interesting thing is that, the hilt is deep sea green, and the blade is made from a mix of dark gold and bronze.

So there's no way anyone could tell it's made from around twenty impossible to get metals, including Chaos silver and Chaos bronze. These two were hard to get.

Of course, Percy got all the metals himself. It took about four years, but it was worth it. The sword itself turns into a ring that's stays on his pointing finger on his right hand.

The ring is black, with swirls of sea green and orange. It's mesmerising to look at. 

It was made by an old friend of his on another planet. A friend that helps him to make and enchant weapons like that.

Plus, another thing about Percy, is that you can't find him unless he wants to be found.

Nobody can, apart from Chaos from time to time. But he can never catch him.

The last time he saw Chaos was around eight years ago, on a another fairy planet called Melidon.

The planet is so small it only had one huge kingdom, and they just called it the same as the planet.

The fairies were being killed after a great king died, and his evil brother took the throne.

Everyone knew the king was killed after Percy left the palace and they knew that the mysterious man walking down the street did it.

So they kind of ambushed Percy in the centre on the kingdom and thanked him repeatedly.

Of course Percy got away, but not before Chaos found him again. They talked, and Chaos tried to get him to join his army by saying Percy knew he wanted to.

Chaos said he had a plan and that one day he was going to use it to catch him.

Percy made a sassy comeback and mist traveled away to Regis, to meet his brother again. 

Chaos once again cursed himself, for not catching Percy. But he had a plan.

Now Percy was in the office of an evil lord. He's not a king, he doesn't have royal blood, but that doesn't make him any less important apparently.

This jerk, as Percy calls him, rapes and kills woman for him own pleasure, he also beats, and makes them his slaves.

As for men, he makes them also his slaves, and they are meant to protect him at all cost, and if they do one thing wrong, they get hanged in front of the whole village.

This village is called Wellen, and it's on a planet called Gaften.

Percy stood in the middle of the office. He did nothing, but watch the stupid jerk in front of him.

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