Chapter 18 ~ the return to camp.

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Camp Half-Blood.

Everybody ended up at the borders of Camp Half-Blood.

The seven of the commanders sighed at the memory of it, while the other two looked curious as to what it has in store.

The Olympians flashed in a minute later and stood next to them without the demigods, who were flashed by them into their respective cabins.

The hunters to their cabin, and the three Romans to the Hermes cabin.

Percy looked at Zeus. And decided to be polite... well at least for now.

"Unfortunately, Lord Zeus, I can't stay for long. I can just introduce myself, and then I will have to leave for a while," he told Zeus, but all the other Olympians heard.

"Why is that?" asked Zeus curiously.

"I have to go on another mission. There are some complications on a another planet. I have to end them," Percy said.

He couldn't reveal too much information.

"I will leave as soon as I make sure the commanders are good to stay here," he also added.

Zeus nodded in understanding, although he was still curious about Cedmi. He has heard about his assassinations and how he escaped Chaos a lot of times.

Percy gestured for the other commanders to follow him and they walked down the CHB hill, leaving the gods behind.

Luke whispered to Percy. "Wait for the gods," he said the word 'gods' like it was the most disgusting thing ever.

Luke hated how they treated Percy, and he wasn't going to be nice to them.

Percy chuckled. "I'm sure they can catch up," he whispered back.

While the commanders walked down the CHB hill, the campers all stopped what they were doing and watched as they approached.

Chiron was in front of the campers, and he watched as nine cloaked figures moved towards them with the Olympians following them.

All the campers, Chiron, and even the immortal cabin councillors, the hunters, and the three immortals from Camp Jupiter, were there too.

Even though they already saw the commanders at the meeting.

The commanders stopped walking when they stood about two meters away from Chiron. The Olympians stood right behind them.

Chiron bowed to Zeus, who made his way to stand next to Cedmi.

"Lord Zeus, what brings you here?" asked Chiron. Zeus looked at Cedmi, who was just a bit smaller than him. 

"Chiron, these are the commanders of the Chaos army, and the leader of it, called Cedmi. They are here to help us with the war," Zeus said and then looked at Chiron.

Chiron was a bit shocked. "Well, I'm Chiron and you are welcome to stay here, but where will you be sleeping?" he asked Cedmi, as he guessed he was the leader.

"In the Chaos cabin of course," Cedmi answered casually and shrugged his shoulders.

Chiron looked confused. "I'm sorry to say, but we don't have a-" he was interrupted when Cedmi snapped his fingers.

When he did that, the Zeus and Hera cabins separated, and in the middle of them from the ground rose a black, gold, and red cabin.

It was three stories tall, and basically looked like a palace, with the Chaos sign on it.

Everyone apart from the commanders, were shocked, they all looked at Cedmi, who just smirked. He then turned to Chiron again.

"Unfortunately, Sir Chiron, I have to leave for a while, but the rest of the commanders will stay here and make sure to protect your camp," Cedmi said.

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