Chapter 17 ~ the meeting.

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Mount Olympus.

The Olympians, immortal campers from Camp-Half-Blood, the three immortals from Camp Jupiter, and the hunters of Artemis, were all in the throne room, having an annual meeting about Percy Jackson.

"Is there any news about him?" croaked out Poseidon. He looked miserable.

He now had white and grey hair instead of his normal jet black. He wore a green suit with a black tie, instead of his normal shorts and shirt.

But his eyes... his eyes held so much pain, because he lost Percy that nobody can look into them without being sad themselves.

Nobody spoke. They didn't want to give Poseidon any fake hope. It's really hard to speak to him nowadays, because he only speaks on these meetings.

Poseidon sighed sadly. He wanted to find his son. They know he's not dead, because Hades mostly spends his time in the underworld nowadays, so he would inform them.

Of course Hades was there now, and so was Hestia.

Zeus sighed. "We have to get ready for the war and we need a lot of help..." Zeus trailed off as a black vortex opened up in the middle of the throne room.

The immortal campers were all seated on the foot of the thrones of their parents.

The hunters were seated under Artemis's throne, and the three Roman campers were seated under Hermes's throne, because he is the god of travellers.

Everyone watched as a figure with a black cloak, with the hood up stepped out of the vortex.

Followed by a figure with a dark blue cloak, with the hood up too and then seven other people with white cloaks, with their hoods up too.

Zeus got of his throne, with his lightning bolt in his hand. "Who are you?" he demanded.

Luke sighed. He leaned in and whispered in Percy's ear. "I see Zeus is still the same old imbecile."

Percy had to hold in his laughter, while Luke snickered.

"That's it!" said Zeus, and threw his lightning bolt at the commanders.

Percy sighed and casually walked towards the coming lightning bolt, while other people, apart for the commanders, in the room gasped.

Percy then extended his right hand in front of him, as the bolt hit him.

Everyone but the commanders gasped. The commanders just rolled their eyes at the idiocy of Zeus.

When the smoke cleared from the place where the lightning bolt was thrown, everyone saw Percy standing there unharmed, holding the lightning bolt in his hand.

Everybody but the commanders gasped again.

Percy decided to tease them. "You know, its not nice throwing toys at people... they might get offended."

Just then did everybody feel the aura surrounding Percy and they gasped again at how powerful it was.

The seven demigods of the prophecy of the seven, plus Nico and Thalia, all knew they heard that voice before.

Percy walked back to his spot in front of the rest of the commanders, still holding the lightning bolt in his right hand.

He looked at the gods, and was sad to see Hades, and Hestia in a really bad state. He also saw Poseidon looking terrible.

Something probably happened to that idiot, William, Percy thought

Zeus who was still standing, spoke, in a shocked but more calmer voice. "Who are you?"

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