Chapter 5 ~ the army commanders.

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Planet Chaos.

Chaos headed to the meeting room and got ready for another meeting with his commanders.

He only crated the army seventy two years ago. So two years of the time since the army was created, he spend setting everything up.

Then Percy happened. Chaos groaned again at how good Percy was at comebacks.

He actually admired Percy for escaping him every time. He wasn't the only one, all of the army - which consisted of about 2,000 soldiers - all wanted to meet Cedmi.

Chaos wanted Percy in the army for many reasons. Percy could definitely improve their fighting skills, of course they can't be as good as him but, maybe they can be close.

Plus the fact the army admire him, and so does Chaos. And also because of his personality. Even though Chaos hates not being able to catch Percy, he always enjoys just talking to him.

Percy was a really funny, easy going, sassy, loyal, kind, and good hearted person. Plus, he knew Percy would do anything to protect other people that deserved it, he knew from experience when he saw him doing it once.

He once saw four people beating a baker, who didn't have enough money to pay rent. He was going to help the man, but then suddenly Percy showed up and stopped the people from beating the man more.

He said that, unless they want to go through him they better go away.

Now you would think they would be stupid enough, because Percy has quite a young voice. He is still kind of eighteen years old. Well, at least his body is since he's half- immortal

But the thing is, Percy has a very powerful aura. Chaos was very surprised when he first felt it, because he thought he was an Olympian, or even a primordial god.

But when he found out it was Perseus Jackson, the Hero of Olympus, he was stunned. Yes, he knew who really Percy was, and what he did during his life on Earth.

But Chaos never told anyone. He knew Percy only told who he was, to the people he thinks deserve to know his identify.

Well anyway... the attackers ran off as fast as they probably could. Chaos saw Percy help the man who was attacked, and even saw Percy heal him a bit with his water powers, of course unknown to the man.

The man thanked him and Percy just said it was the right thing to do, before smiling and walking away.

Chaos got back to reality and realised he was standing in front of the meeting room doors.

He took in a breath and opened the doors. When he did, the room instantly fell silent. All six commanders looked at him with one question.

Did you find him?

Chaos walked and sat at the head of the table.

The chair opposite him was empty. It was reserved for his first commander and the leader of the army, just below Chaos. He hoped Percy would be his first commander.

The other six chairs, three on each side of him, were taken by the other commanders. He had some fun and brought some people... back from the dead, as him commanders.

He smirked as he knew he had one last advantage over Percy. His commanders were Percy's fallen friends.

Chaos's second commander, is no other than Luke Castellan. Yes, Luke Castellan, the son of Hermes.

His third commander is Zoë Nightshade, the daughter of Atlas. Chaos found it interesting that one day, Zoë had Riptide when she woke up.

When he asked why it was suddenly there, she told him it just appeared in her hand at night, and stayed by her side till morning. Chaos never asked Percy why...

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