Chapter 37 ~ the huge disagreement.

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Camp Half-Blood.

When breakfast finished, everyone went their own ways. All of the commanders were told by Chaos to meet them in their cabin for a meeting.

The other commanders all got there and realised Percy and Chaos were in a... pretty heated conversation.

They just stood back and listened, with their eyes wide and shock written on their faces.

Chaos and Percy never argued like this. The last time they had was when Percy went on a mission during which he nearly died.

The two were standing between the couches and staring at each other with intense looks.

They didn't seem to notice the other commanders who stood behind the couch nearest to the kitchen.

They soon realised that Percy nor Chaos realised they were there because they were arguing really badly.

"Chaos!" Percy said. "Think about this. Yes, you might be the most powerful being in the universe, but that doesn't mean you can't fade away!"

Percy couldn't believe what Chaos wanted to do. And the fact that he wouldn't listen to his protests made him more irritated.

Chaos sighed. "Perseus... you would have done the same thing," he said in a serious tone.

He knew that hit Percy hard, as Chaos knew Percy would do this to save others without thinking.

Actually if this was Percy deciding to do what Chaos had to do, he wouldn't even wait long, so that no one would stop him.

So he knew he hit a nerve. What Chaos didn't expect were the tears that fell down Percy's face that stared at him emotionlessly.

The commanders all stared at Percy in shock now. Some of them only saw him cry about once or twice and it was mostly when he lost someone close to him.

So, if he was crying and telling Chaos not to do the thing he wants to do, then the commanders feared about finding out what Chaos wanted to do.

Percy straightened his back and swallowed. The tears were slowly making their way to his jaw line.

"I joined this army," he said. "I joined you," he pointed at Chaos, "because I wanted a chance at a new family."

Chaos looked into his eyes, but then looked away due to the pain, sadness and absolute fury in them.

"And I won't let you go there and probably fade in the freaking process!" Percy exclaimed.

He then looked to his right and finally noticed his other friends, and they all saw a bit of surprise on his face before it went away.

Percy quickly wiped away his tears, ran a hand through his hair and looked back at Chaos.

He glared at him so hard, that not only Chaos, but the rest of the commanders shivered and flinched under the glare.

"Tell them about the plan, Lord Chaos," Percy demanded and gestured toward the other commanders.

It was not a good sign, that Percy called him Lord Chaos in that tone, it meant he was extremely mad.

"Tell them, please," Percy urged. "Go on, tell them your brilliant plan." The others looked at Chaos questionably.

Chaos's attention was only on Percy, though. "You know I have to do this—" He was cut of again, as Percy sighed.

Percy looked closely at Chaos. "Lord Chaos, you are literally going to committee suicide!" he basically shouted looking at Chaos.

Percy continued, "Just send me instead! It won't be as bad if I go and disappear, at least the creator of the universe won't fade away!"

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