Chapter 41 ~ the war meeting in the rec room.

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Camp Half-Blood. - twelve minutes later...

Cedmi hated meetings with the Olympian gods. That might have been because they did nothing other than bicker about irrelevant stuff during those meetings.

"Arty, come on!" Apollo said, grinning widely at his sister. "You know I'm older."

Will Solace pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, as he sat next to his father. He hated when the gods were like this.

Artemis, who sat on the other side of the ping-pong table, glared at Apollo so hard that he would have flinched, but he was used to her glares by now.

Cedmi sighed. It had only been two minutes since the meeting started, and they have been the worst two minutes of his life.

And Cedmi had a lot of crap stuff happen during his life. He kept on listening to the bickering between the gods.

The meeting room, in the big house which of course was the Rec. room, still had a ping-pong table used as the actual council meeting table, but the one thing that changed about the room was the size.

It was much bigger. Now all of the Olympians plus their children, and some children of the Minor gods, not to exclude Chiron, were able to fit in there, and sit around the ping-pong table which was bigger as well.

Cedmi had his own chair materialise out of thin air the second he walked into the room about two minutes ago, and he sat in it ever since, trying to not yell at the gods.

The chair was positioned between, Nico, who sat next to Hades, and Thalia, who sat next to Artemis.

Cedmi was quite happy to be sitting next to those two. At least they were able to whisper to each other quietly.

"I did not cheat on you!" Zeus shouted at Hera, as she glared at him.

Jason Grace couldn't help but secretly roll his eyes as he looked down so that no one would see. He knew his father was lying so badly.

"Really?" Hera questioned with an raised eyebrow. "Then who was it that I saw making out with that mortal..." She ranted on as she kept glaring at Zeus.

Ares grinned. "I love war." He sat next to his daughter, Clarisse, who polished her spear as she tried to ingnore the talking.

Aphrodite frowned. "I don't." She summoned a mirror out of nowhere as she looked into it. "War ruins my makeup."

Aphrodite then stared applying more lipstick, which she also summoned, on her lips.

Piper, who sat next to her, had to stop herself from rolling her eyes at her mother. Although she knew she would have been more embarrassed by her only if the other gods weren't acting embarrassing as well.

Ares ignored Aphrodite's comment as him and Hephaestus seemed to start arguing for no reason.

Frank really was embarrassed to call Ares or Mars his father at the moment. Scratch that, he had no idea how the war god was his father at all.

Leo just sighed and took his mind off of the conversations by tinkering with some stuff that he took out of his tool belt.

Demeter was telling everyone off for not eating healthy enough. "You should all eat more cereal!" she announced.

Katie felt like groaning and putting her head in her hands. The only thing that stopped her was the understanding glance of Travis Stoll from the opposite side of the table.

The two had been dating for a long time, and they really loved each other.

Hermes and Dionysus were talking about some party, and cool pranks that they could pull, how get people drunk or most importantly, how to get blackmail.

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