Chapter 25 ~ the shouting match.

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Camp Half-Blood. - meanwhile.

Everyone heard the conch horn blow three times. They were under attack. All of them quickly went up the CHB hill to see who they're fighting this time.

When they got there, they saw a cloaked figure - a female by the looks of it - standing in front of hundredths of monsters.

Thank the gods the clearing they were in was huge, so that they could all see properly what, or who they're facing.

Aliana looked in between the demigods, gods and others coming towards her. She looked around till everyone stood about six meters away from her.

She then watched as Chaos and his commanders came out, with their cloaks on and hoods up. She spotted Cedmi immediately.

The commanders all looked at each other, wondering as to who this might be, and Chaos looked at her sceptically.

All apart from Cedmi who just normally and naturally smirked.

Cedmi looked at Aliana, and saw her looking at him. His smirk grew. "Oh, how nice of you to finally join us here."

The other commanders, along with Chaos and basically everybody else looked at him questionably. What was he talking about?

Aliana smirked too. "Yes, it's so nice to finally be here, Cedmi," she replied. She was secretly truly happy to see him.

"Well, of course, Aliana," he said and she shivered barely visibly again as he said her name. Old memories came back for a split second.

Koster looked at Cedmi, then at Aliana, and back at Cedmi. Realisation passed over his face.

"You two know each other?" he asked the question everyone else who was confused pwas asking themselves in their heads.

Cedmi looked over at Koster. "Yeah, she tried to kill me a couple of times," he joked slightly.

Aliana snorted. "Did you forget about the times where you nearly killed me, my dear?" ahe asked innocently.

Feria felt jealousy bubbling up in her, but she just pushed it down. Her and Percy weren't even dating.

"And did you forget about the part where you attacked me on Regis, with an army of about seventy thousand monsters, four days ago?" Cedmi asked with amusement.

The commanders all snapped their attention to Aliana, along with Chaos and everybody else.

"How could I? You practically destroyed every single one of them. And then had an opportunity to kill me," she told them.

They could all hear the bitterness in her voice, and that's what she hoped for. She couldn't let loose of her emotions now.

Cedmi smiled widely. "But I didn't, did I? Because where would be the fun in that?"

"You're an idiot!" she shouted in irritation. Irritation not exactly at him, but at this situation.

"You're a witch!" he shouted back.

Aliana nearly flinched at his use of words, she hated fighting with him like this, but she was annoyed.

"You jerk!" she yelled. She had to play evil in front of everyone, but she wasn't really.

"You're a lair!" As he shouted these words, they hit her hard in the heart. She knew he must hate her after what she did.

"You moron!" she shouted louder.

"You're crazy!" he exclaimed.

Everyone else just watched them like a tennis match and they were all wondering what happened between them before they 'hated' each other.

"You're an assassin!" she exclaimed.

The campers, hunters and the others apart from Chaos, the gods and the commanders looked at Cedmi in shock as she said that he was an assassin.

How did they not know about this?

She said the truth, but most assassins kill anybody for money and she knows it annoys Cedmi when people think that.

"And you're a back stabber!" he replied. He looked at her and she just stared right back at him.

This was the reason he was so mad at her actually. Because like nearly everyone else in his life, she stabbed him in the back.

And she also left just like an old assassin friend of his... Cedmi mentally shook his head. He couldn't thing of the annoying her now.

"That was a long time ago," Aliana said. But she knew she regretted her actions. If she could only go back in time.

"Long time or not, you're still the same old back stabber," Cedmi said to her in his normal tone.

Everyone looked in between them, nobody dared to speak. They all wanted to see what happens next.

Aliana looked over at Cedmi. If you could see past her hood, you would see the sad eyes that were trying to keep the tears away.

It was not successful as a tear rolled down her check, but she made sure to wipe it away discreetly and quickly.

"Lets just get this over with Aliana, so that you could go and report back to Void," Cedmi said in a bitter tone.

The commanders, along with Chaos looked at each other. They wandered why Cedmi was using this tone of his voice.

Aliana looked at Cedmi and had to keep more tears away. "As you wish," she said, hoping her voice didn't break.

Aliana then teleported away into her room in the Void palace. She took down her hood, sat on her bed and started sobbing.

* * *

After the monsters were killed, and everybody cheered, the commanders, along with Chaos, all made their way to Cedmi.

He was standing in the middle of the clearing, with his sword still in his hand, looking lost in thought.

They all looked at each other, while Cedmi finally twisted the hilt of his sword, turning it back into his ring.

He quickly looked over at Chaos and the other commanders who were frowning in worry and he sighed.

Cedmi then turned around and walked away, back into camp, without saying a single word to them.

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