Chapter 4 ~ the good hearted assassin.

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70 years later.

A cloaked figure ran through the city of Zarto. He was on planet Mortorm. He ran through the city, hiding in the shadows.

He did it again. He killed another greedy, selfish and evil ruler. This ruler, or lord as some call it, was named Cyreton.

He was an evil man who killed for money and fame. He didn't care about his people at all.

Mortorm is a badly ruled planet, the creatures that live here are... well they're definitely not human.

They all have either, green, blue, or purple skin, white or yellow eyes, and are two times bigger than humans.

A little bit like the giants, but not exactly. But the creatures have terrible hearing. They can still hear stuff, but not as good as humans.

The person who just killed their horrible lord, and gave the people a favour because they could finally have a normal life, called himself Cedmi.

Many called him 'the great assassin', or 'saviour'. But he only uses his fake name on assassinations, and around people he rather not knowing his real birth name.

He goes around different planets in the universe, different towns and cities, and he saves the people that don't deserve death.

He helps children get back to their parents if they ever get lost, and he also saves kingdoms, and other places when he kills their evil rulers.

People are grateful to him for it all, but he never likes the glory and fame. He loves helping people, but he rather stay on the run.

And he only reveals his true identify to the people he thinks deserve to know.

The figure run faster. He cursed himself for letting this happen. How was he so oblivious? He should have sensed his presence earlier.

He snapped out of it, there's no time to think, he has to get away from him before he—

"Hello, Perseus." Percy heard someone speak behind him. He stopped on the spot, and half turned around to face 'him'

He mentally groaned. Why does he alway have bad luck? He snapped out of his thoughts again.

He turned around properly and faced the powerful being in front of him.

"Hello, Chaos." They were standing in the middle of the road. The city was dead silent and deserted at night, and the only source of light were the lamp posts a couple of meters away.

Chaos smirked. "Well, I see you killed another one. How are you holding up, Perseus?" he asked.

Percy took down his enchanted hood. When he had it on, you could only see his mouth.

He practically looked the same he had looked when he left Earth, apart from the fact that he was even more tanned because of traveling to tropical planets a lot, and that he was more muscled now, but just a bit.

Percy smirked too. "Oh, I'm very good, thank you for asking. And yes, I killed another one of these greedy evil jerks."

He waved his hand like it was nothing. "But anyways how is life, Chaos?" Percy smirked more, as he formed a plan in his head to get away.

"My life would be doing just fine... if only I could finally catch you." Chaos smirked. I have to to catch him this time, he though.

Chaos was in his eighteen year old form. He has light brown hair, black swirling eyes with speaks of white and blue in them, he has quite a defined jawline, pale skin.

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