Chapter 3 ~ the saddened and frustrated gods.

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Mount Olympus. - 5 months later.

The Olympians, some other gods, the immortal campers from Camp-Half-Blood, Reyna, Hazel and Frank from Camp Jupiter, and the hunters of Artemis, were all in the Throne room having a meeting... again.

"So, there is nothing?" asked Zeus. For like the fifth time. It was starting to irritate some people.

Artemis signed deeply. "No father, we just can't find him," she told him again. "My hunters and I, searched everywhere. We even went to Alaska!" She waved her hands.

"It's like... he just vanished of the face of the earth. At least five months ago we were able to get his scent, and now. Now we have nothing!" explained the very deeply frustrated Artemis.

She put her face in her hands. How could he just disappear? she thought in irritation. She was mad that a single demigod managed to hide from her and her hunters for so long.

Everyone is looking for Percy Jackson. The last news they got of him, was when Hestia and Hades talked to him nine months ago.

But they only told them that they talked. They weren't ready to say what about at the time. Hestia and Hades are in a very bad state.

They all figured out why all those people who acted the nasty way to Percy did it, they were influenced by magic. No, it wasn't only William telling them lies. It was Hecate.

She was made to put a spell on everyone in both of the camps, the hunters, and the Olympians for them to hate Percy.

Now the magic was taken off, thanks to Hades and Hestia who figured out something was up.

They all know that all these times William said Percy did something, and they thought they saw him doing it, it was actually William who did it.

But they saw Percy instead of him, because of the magic. And now, they all remember what really happened.

And Hecate had to help, because the giants caught her. Gaia herself made her do it. How? I mean she is asleep right?

Don't ask how, nobody knows. Of course Hecate escaped, and took off the magic with the help of Hades and Hestia. But now... Olympus has a missing Hero.

And William, of course was part of the act, he even turned out that Poseidon isn't his father. Let's just say... he's having fun in Tartarus.

Zeus massaged his forehead. "Hades and Hestia, tell us what exactly happened the last time you talked to Percy?" he asked.

Everyone fell quiet. This was really a sore subject for the two gods, since they managed to really bond with Percy during the whole crisis when everyone betrayed him.

Hades sighed, he was going to speak, due to the fact that Hestia was barely holding up. "At some point Percy called Hestia and I, to talk." Everybody was listening very carefully now.

"He told us he left camp because they practically banished him," Hades said. The campers flinched at Hades's words. "Everyone has turned against him, even the hunters and his own father." The hunters and Poseidon all flinched.

Hades continued. "He also said that his... mum and step-dad were murdered, so... we were the only people he had left." He finished, as tear rolled down his face. He wasn't the only one, a lot of people in the room were too.

Piper was trying to comfort a sobbing Annabeth, while she cried herself. Hazel was leaning on Frank's shoulder trying not to cry, but had an arm around Nico, who was silently blaming himself.

Thalia had tears rolling down her faces. Jason, Leo, Reyna, the rest of the cabin councillors and the hunters, lowered their heads in shame.

Suddenly in the middle of the throne room, a vortex appeared. Out of it stepped out Chaos. The creator of the universe.

Zeus's eyes widened. "Lord Chaos." He got off his throne and bowed. There were some gasps, but everyone followed his example.

Chaos chuckled. "Now, now, there's no need to bow," he said. He looked around the throne room slightly and realised that everybody looked sad. He wondered why.

"To what do we owe this pleasure, Lord Chaos?" asked Poseidon, who looked miserable.

His hair was almost white and he seemed to age a bit. He had circles around his eyes and his eyes alone, were filled with pain of losing his favourite son.

"I'm here to warn you about a war that is going to happen in the future," Chaos said, with a sad smile on his face.

People's eyes widened, a couple of them gasped. They were not expecting another war after the two they just had. Why were their lives so unfortunate?

Zeus seemed to be thinking about something. "How long do we have till this war?" he finally asked.

"About a couple hundred of years, take or so," informed Chaos. "But you might want to get ready now, since it's going to be... interesting." He was yet again smiling sadly at everyone.

Everyone took in the information as best as they could.

"When the time comes, I will send you some company," Chaos said. "But don't worry I'll see you again, soon." He smirked. "Goodbye for now, all of you." After his last words a vortex opened up, then Chaos walked into before both hi and the vortex disappeared.

"Some... company?" asked Hermes, unsure if he heard right.

That's what everyone was thinking. Who was Chaos talking about?

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