Chapter 34 ~ the cousins that are hiding in the woods.

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Camp Half- Blood. - a couple of hours later.

Percy waited till the already exhausted Chaos fell asleep.

And when Chaos did fall asleep, Percy lifted Zoë's head of his chest, and laid her on the couch he was on a minute ago, he did it carefully, to not wake her up.

When Percy made sure Zoë was still asleep, he looked at everybody else in the room and smiled to himself when he didn't wake any of them up either.

Percy quietly went to his room upstairs and got a new black cloak, with deep-sea green trimming.

He then went down stairs, made sure everyone was still asleep one last time, before he slipped out the Chaos cabin.

He walked towards the woods, as he wanted to look around them, since he didn't have the opportunity yet.

He walked towards Zeus's fist, until he heard crying. His eyebrows scrunched up in confusion, as to why would anyone would be there at this late of an hour.

He walked towards the sound and he then walked out into a small clearing and saw two similar to him people, sitting against a tree.

They both looked up and saw Cedmi. They were a bit surprised, because they thought he was missing.

Nico looked over at Thalia and then back at Cedmi. He hugged Thalia tighter, around the shoulder.

Cedmi looked at Thalia and was shocked at she was crying. Thalia never cries.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... interrupt anything," he said and looked at Nico's arm was around Thalia.

Wasn't Thalia a hunter of Artemis?

Nico's eyes widened a bit and he dropped the arm that was holding Thalia instantly.

They weren't... never would Nico be like that with Thalia. She was his cousin or sister only.

"No, you're not interrupting anything... but weren't you missing?" He tried to get the topic away from him and Thalia.

Thalia quickly wiped away her tears, and looked over at Cedmi.

She had red and puffy eyes from crying, but she wanted to know if he was really captured.

Cedmi sighed. "Ah, yes, the Fates kidnapped me." He looked over at their shocked faces and waved his hand like it was nothing.

"But anyway, if you don't mind me asking, but what happened to you?" He looked over at Thalia.

Thalia sighed shakily. "I just..." She looked over at Nico, who was looking down in grief. "we just miss someone." She looked over at the commander.

Cedmi was curious now. "What might their name be?" he asked, thinking of anyone that might have left, or died that they might both miss.

Nico looked up at him, then at Thalia. After a while he sighed and looked back at Cedmi. "His name is Percy Jackson."

Cedmi's eyes widened, but he made sure not to show that he was extremely shocked.

"What happened to him?" He decide to play like he didn't know what happened.

A few tears fell down freely on Thalia's face. "We were influenced to betray and banish him... our own cousin." Her voice broke at the last part.

Cedmis eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. "You were influenced? By what?" He wanted to know what she meant.

Instead of Thalia, Nico was the one to speak. "Magic." He looked over at Cedmi. "We were all influenced by magic to betray him."

Cedmi was shocked to say the least.  "What do you mean?" he asked. Magic? What are they talking about?

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