Snow way out

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When Hiccup and Astrid split up instead of meeting heather Astrid get knocked down and hypothermia

"Stick together, ok? Astrid?" But she flew away.
"Oh gods." Hiccup muttered.

Astrid was on her way to meet with heather when the wind began to pick up and it became quite hard to see and to hold on to the sadle. "Easy Stormfly."
She was finding it hard to fly in the rain. "Wow it's cold." She sighed to herself.
She began to loosen her grip. "Stormfly." She quietly said as she began to slip off. Stormfly panicked and went to find help, while Astrid layed there in a pile of snow, freezing to death and more snow falling on top of her.

With the gang

"Hey girl, calm down wheres Astrid?" Hiccup questioned as he saw stormfly.
She turned her head in the direction that she came from. "Oh no, everyone saddle up! We're going to look for Astrid."
And they set off.

"Anyone see anything." Hiccup asked.
"Nope, zilch, goose eg- wait wait! Look down there is that her boot?" Tuff answered.
"Everyone land!!"
They landed and hiccup immediately ran to the form. The gang helped him with getting the snow of the figure and when enough was off they could see that it was Astrid.
"Tuff, get the blankets from all our bags! Fishlegs try to start a fire! Dragons try and block the wind from us!"
The dragons opened their wings and stood in a circle, Tuffnut came back with 12 blankets he gave 5 to the gang and himself and wrapped Astrid with the other 7.
"We need to warm her up, fast!"
"Fires on!" Fishlegs shouted.
Hiccup picked Astrid up and carried her toward the fire.
He sat her on his lap and sat as close to the fire that wouldn't harm them. He rubbed Astrids arms in attempt to warm her up.
"Come on Astrid, wake up please."
Her lips where turning blue.
"Shes too cold, she's getting hypothermia we need to get back."
They saddled up and Hiccup sat Astrid Infront of him. She turned her head to the side and they went even faster. He wrapped one arm around her, trying to get some heat into her. "Please wake up, come on stay with me." He begged.

At the edge

They arrived back at the edge and they ran to her hut. "Snoutlout, start a fire please."
They brought her bed down so that it was close to the fire. He layed her down and warmed his hands and put them on her cheeks.
"Mm hiccup?" Astrid murmured.
"I'm here, you're ok, shhh."
"I'm cold."
"I know were trying to get you warmed up. You're gonna be ok."

Her lips were still blue, I sighed in disappointment. "Guys, shes still to cold." "All we can do is keep her next to the fire and give her warm drinks."

Her eyes began to close.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, Astrid stay with us, ok?" He grabbed her hand, "stay with me.

"Guys she's too cold." Snoutlout said.

Hiccup sat her up and kept the blankets wrapped round her. He sat her on his lap and gave her a warm hug. "We've given her hot drinks and foods, blankets and kept her near a fire, we can only give her our body heat now. So huddle up."

The gang all huddled together to try and warm Astrid up. "Stay awake, Astrid. Come on." Astrid turned her body so she was cuddling Hiccup, he wrapped his arms tighter around her and the gang have a group hug. Hiccup felt her beginning to get a little warmer. Hiccup smiled with relief and kissed her, now slightly warmer, head. He layed her back down and let her sleep.


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