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Mace's and Talons • Viggo Grimborn • by EvelynAubrey
Mace's and Talons • Viggo Grimborn...by Fallen Feathers
"Perhaps we can come to an agreement of sorts" he said as her dragon held him over the lava with it's tail. "So now you want to talk" she smirked. At...
Race To The Edge (V4) by lilrissyrose
Race To The Edge (V4)by Marissa ღ
3yrs has passed for the Dragon Riders, they've visited every island, every sea stack and every rock in the archipelago and haven't spotted a new dragon in a long time an...
HTTYD/RTTE One Shots - X Reader by MultiFandomAccount0
HTTYD/RTTE One Shots - X Readerby ♡ Unknown ♡
*** REQUESTS CLOSED *** My one shot book for the HTTYD/RTTE fandom. Most are X Readers, while a few are OC inserts (per requests). Characters that I have one shots for s...
Hiccstrid Oneshots: Book 1 by 7LetterShips
Hiccstrid Oneshots: Book 1by Abby
Fluff, fluff, fluff and lots of fluff. Some angst too! Oh and, updates very frequently. Hope you enjoy! Btw, I encourage requests! I don't own these characters. If I di...
Fragile (Hiccup x Reader) by hatefullpessimist666
Fragile (Hiccup x Reader)by
Hiccup x Reader. (Race To The Edge) Fragile and injured you show up on The Edge with an over-protective dragon and gaping hole in your side. With no home of your own, wi...
To The End - A Tuffnut Love Story (HTTYD) by MultiFandomAccount0
To The End - A Tuffnut Love Story...by ♡ Unknown ♡
(COMPLETED) Once their time in the Great Beyond had come to an end, the riders returned to Berk for good. But thier search for new islands and dragons was far from over...
A Siren's Song - A Hiccup Love Story (HTTYD/RTTE) by MultiFandomAccount0
A Siren's Song - A Hiccup Love Sto...by ♡ Unknown ♡
Hiccup and the others have finally found an island to call their own; Dragon's Edge. However, Night Terrors aren't the only dragons indigenous to this land. A gentle son...
Love Is Forever (Hiccup x reader one-shots) by Littlecamo8
Love Is Forever (Hiccup x reader o...by Littlecamo8
Little one shots of the reader and Hiccup that I wrote. Requests aren't welcome. "Hiccup," you said, softly, after a few minutes of silence. Hiccup... pulled y...
Hiccstrid Oneshots: Book 2 by 7LetterShips
Hiccstrid Oneshots: Book 2by Abby
Hi guys! A new Hiccstrid oneshot book with lots of fluff and angst! Updates frequently and I also take requests! Enjoy! Again, I don't own anything from the HTTYD franch...
Watching Their Past, Present, and Future  by Toothless_Hiccup676
Watching Their Past, Present, and...by Hannah the Sheep
I borrowed (kidnapped) the Dragon Riders, Dragon Hunters, Berkians, Defenders of the Wing, Heather, Dagur, and the Wingmaidens at the beginning of season 4. Why? To make...
Through A Dragon's Eye (A Httyd Fanfaction) (Completed) by CamsterDragon
Through A Dragon's Eye (A Httyd Fa...by The Dragon Girl
Draira was separated from her family at the age of five. With no place to call home, she was forced to survive on her own. Twelve years later, she hardly remembers the...
When I Come Back by infinityshipper04
When I Come Backby infinityshipper04
RANDOM UPDATES Stoick surprises Hiccup with some news that will change him forever. When Hiccup first hears this news, he is extremely upset. At 15 years old Hiccup has...
Hiccstrid one shots by Moonchild73
Hiccstrid one shotsby Emma
I think the title says it all.❤️ I hardcore ship hiccstrid, so this book is a collection of one shots written by the one and only, me. I'm NOT going to break hiccstrid...
The Dragon Master and The Lightning Rider *Hiccup Fanfic* by Nesta_Archeron
The Dragon Master and The Lightnin...by Gravity
For the love of god, don't read this, please. Editing it to be decent is a hassle and it's complete shit. I am ashamed, I am appalled at thirteen year old me to make suc...
Betrothed~ (httyd dagur x reader) by Otaku-chanxoxo
Betrothed~ (httyd dagur x reader)by Otaku-chanxoxo
You are hiccup's sister (don't questions me everyone does this!). You grew up surviving dragon attack after dragon attack, surviving the attack of the red death and your...
HTTYD ONESHOTS  by adventuretimefanitc
Various oneshots with the How To Train Your Dragon characters, consisting on ships and reader inserts. WARNING: OLD. BADLY WRITTEN. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD READ SOMETHING E...
The Strength of the Princess (HTTYD) by PedePaulie
The Strength of the Princess (HTTY...by Dani
The vikings of Torvald have always been friendly with dragons, and when they learn Berk has also accepted dragons, they send Princess Eira and her Windwalker to live amo...
The Gray Area - A Viggo Love Story (HTTYD/RTTE) by MultiFandomAccount0
The Gray Area - A Viggo Love Story...by ♡ Unknown ♡
"The line between good and evil is often unclear. Black and white can become gray so easily. What one soul considers evil, another might consider righteous..."...
My other half •Finished• by Randomshipper_fl
My other half •Finished•by M
Astrid and Hiccup started dating. (Race to the edge.) They are desperately trying to keep their relationship a secret from their friends​ and family. Worst of all, from...