Gone Gustav Gone

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Starts from when Astrid walks into hiccups hut and when fanghook knocks her down she gets a concussion.

"Hiccup we have a problem, a huge problem."
"Dagur" Hiccups guessed.
"Worse." Astrid said.
"What could possibly be worse then Dagur?" Hiccup questioned.

Straight after he said that Gustav and fanghook flew into Hiccups hut, knocking Astrid down.

"Gustav!" Gustav said.
"Gustav?!" Hiccup said shocked.
"Gustav." Astrid said annoyed and still stuck under fanghook.

"Gustav what are you doing here?" Hiccup asked.
"Hiccup did you know that Gustav is standing right next to you, hey! Um wheres Astrid?"
"Down here." Astrid struggled to say with 5000 pounds laying on her.
"Oh sorry are you ok?" Hiccup rushed to her and helped her up. She coughed and swayed a little bit but they thought nothing of it.
"Peachy. What are you doing here?"
"I'm here to stay and become a dragon rider, wheres my hut?" Gustav said.
They all stared blankly at him.
"Umm what!?!" Snoutlout shouted.

They all had questions and we're shouting them out until they heard a thud. They all turned to where they heard the thud and found Astrid laying there unconscious.
"Astrid!?" They ran over to her.
"Snoutlout get the pillow from my bed!"
Snoutlout came back and handed it to Hiccup. He placed it under Astrids head.
"What happened?" Gustav asked.
"She must of hit her head hard when fanghook knocked her down."
"Fishlegs can you get a wet cloth please."
He ran off to get a cloth. Hiccup picked her up bridal style and carried her to his bed. "She might have a concussion."
Fishlegs came back, Hiccup put the cloth on her head.
"Shell wake up in a bit."
The others left but Hiccup stayed with Astrid.

"Mmmm Hiccup?"
"I'm here Astrid, you're ok but you have a concussion so just take it easy."
"Thanks Hiccup."
Astrid fell back asleep and Hiccup kissed her head. "Sleep well Milady."

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