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Authors POV
It had been 2 months now since Astrid was captured by the dragon flyers. They had done terrible things to her, punch, kick, beat, whip, verbally bully and she was even raped once. However, the wing maidens and defenders of the wing had heard about this and had come to rescue her. They found her scared, terrified, pale, weak and in a lot of pain. They had taken her back to defenders of the wing island, and sent a terror mail to the edge. Today was the day that Hiccup would see Astrid again.
Hiccupd POV
I walked into the hut were Astrid was, and saw a pale, lifeless body. "Astrid....." I couldn't believe what I saw. "Hic..." She could barley speak. "I'm here Milady, I'm here." I bent down and kissed her cheek. I gently lifted her into me so she was resting against my chest, I just wanted to hold her again. "Just rest. It's gonna be ok." I held her hand and she slowly fell back asleep. I layed her down and tucked her in do she's nice and warm, I held her hand the entire time. "Hiccup, we found her in a cell in the dragon flyers base of operations. She was so weak, she could bearly lift her head. She will need crutches but should stay in bed for at least a month." Atali said. "Will she be ok?" I asked. "She should be fine after plenty of rest." I looked at her and wondered what she must of been through but I know I'll be there every step of the way until she gets better. I lover her, always.

Sorry it's sooooooo short but I will write a part 2 of when she wakes up and on the road to recovery.
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