Couple Kindnap

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Authors POV
"Come men, to hiccups hut," Ryker said. They had a plan to kidnap hiccups and to use that against Berk but when they arrived they were even happier to see him with his arms wrapped safely and protectively around a certain blonde. "Well this is just a treat." They grabbed Astrids arms and grabbed her and restrained her causing them both to wake up. "Astrid!" The other men grabbed hiccup as well. "What do you want Ryker!?" Hiccup shouted. "Well me and my men where planning to kidnap you to take over the edge and Berk but when we found this beauty in your arms," he paused to walk over to Astrid and put his hand on her cheek, while she tried to get it of "we got a whole lot happier so you two are coming with us. Rykers men began to beat up Astrid buy punching and kicking her then she fell unconscious. "ASTRID!" Hiccup tried to get to her. The men then started beating hiccup. "Let's go men." Ryker said then they left to go back to the ships and they tossed the unconscious couple into the same cell and sailed away to the dragon hunters base of operations.
Sorry it's short part 2 will be out soon
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