Jealous and protective

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Hiccups POV
I was in my hut, drawing ideas of ideas for toothless's sadle and tailfin when my dad came through, "hiccup, Chase and Sam are coming to visit while their family are in a meeting over sea's" "Ok" I wasn't happy at all. All the ladies drool over them and I'm worry that they will hit on astrid, but she's MINE! And I know that she won't fall for them.
Time skip to when they get to Berk.
Astrids POV
Chase and Sam arrived and already the girls where all over them, but I'm not falling for that. They walked over to me and Hiccup. " Welcome Chase and Sam, to Berk." "Hello Hiccup." He said. He looked at me. "And who may you be?" He asked, I knew Hiccup was watching, "I'm Astrid Hofferson." He took my hand and kissed it. I felt Hiccups arms pull me into him. "Let's start the tour. Follow me." They did but they were also looking at me the whole time, it made me very uncomfortable. As we were walking I felt Sam slide his arm round my back down my waist and squeezed my but! I let out a gasp and Hiccup saw the whole thing. " Sam, Do NOT Do that to Astrid ok am I clear." He rolled his eyes. As they carried on walking, hiccup asked "you ok?" I said "just a bit uncomfortable." "Don't worry Milady." He kissed me on the head.
Time skip to dinner in the great hall.
Authors POV
They were at the great hall on one table it was Hiccup, Astrid, Chase, Sam, Stoick and Gobber.
Where they were Sitting
Hiccup, Astrid, Sam, Chase, Stoick, gobber(sitting on hiccups left.)
While Hiccup, Stoick, Chase and Gobber left to get a drink and talk about the village, not before hiccup made sure Astrid was ok with this though. That's when Things started happening.
"So beautiful tell me about your self." Sam said. "Um excuse me please." She went to leave the table when Sam grabbed her arm and sat her back down. "I don't think so." "Wha......" Before she could finish he put his hand over her mouth and dragged her outside to the left of the great hall doors. He took some rope out of his bag and tied it round her mouth, hands tying then to her waist and ankels. "You're mine."
Warning mature themed here
He began to kiss her on the cheek crushing her against the wall so hard that it hurt. She kept squirming so he slapped her cheek then punched her stomach. "Be quite!" He continued kissing her neck then down to her chest area, gripping her breasts as the other hand made its way to her thigh. Astrid was terrified and everytime she moved he would punch her. She was in a lot of pain, but before she got too weak she let out a screams as loud as she could.
Hiccups POV
I heard a muffled scream coming from outside and turned to our table to realise that Astrid and Sam are gone. Dad, Gobber, Chase and I ran out side to find Sam forcefully kissing Astrid and her eyes where bearly open. Gobber and dad ran over to them and grabbed Sam of Astrid while I ran up to her. Her cheek was bruised and her breathing was uneven.  I carefully lifted her top to see many forming bruises." It's ok astrid." I craddeled her close and untied her. "Your ok, I can't believe what he did to you." I picked her up and took her back to my hut. I layed her down and took of anything that would make her uncomfortable. I layed her under the blankes and kissed her head. " Don't worry Milady. He won't do anything to you again." "I was so scared Hiccup." She said her voice soft. "Don't worry, just sleep. I'll be here the whole time and baracade the doors. He won't be back. Get some sleep." "Thank you Hiccup." She said to me before falling asleep. I kissed her cheek and stayed with her the whole night as Sam was through in the dungeon for attempted rape. I will always, ALWAYS protect Astrid, no matter what. I stayed by her and held her hand till morning.
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