Defenders of the Wing part 2

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Hiccups POV

I placed Astrid on my bed and covered her with a blanket and kept her warm. I felt her head and it turned out she had a fever. I sighed sadly, "Toothless, can you get a bucket of water and a cloth please bud?" I whispered not wanting to wake Astrid up.

He came back and I placed the wet cloth over her neck, chest, cheeks, nose, mouth and layed it on her forehead.

"Mmm" She groaned.
"Astrid? You're ok." I told her.
She struggled to open her eyes.
"Just rest it's ok." I kissed her cheek.
"M'fine." She muffled.
"Astrid I know you're not, you're sick and weak, babe you need rest."
But of course she didn't listen. She struggled, but slowly got out of bed. "See." She whispered. She took a step and fell down and passed out. "Astrid!" I ran to her. I picked her up and carried her back to my bed. She woke up. "Stay in bed Milady." I placed the cloth back on her. She began to cough. I gave her some water while holding her head. "Go to sleep Astrid." She did.

I went downstairs and got some tea, light food, blankets, cold towels and some tissues. I placed them next to her bed. I kissed her head, cheek, nose, hand, neck, forehead, then lightly on her lips. I then saw a smile appear on her lips and I smiled too. The gang came in to see how she was doing. They stood around her bed, while Heather and I sat down next to her. I held her right hand and heather held her left. "How is she?" Snoutlout asked.
"Well when she woke up she said she was fine and stood up then passed out, she has a fever and a cough." I finished.

She started to cough in her sleep. "Shhh, calm down babe." She carried on. I picked her up and layed her on my shoulder and chest. I have her a hug. Her coughing started to die down. "Shh." I kissed her head. I held her tight. "Fishlegs what can we do to help her?" Heather asked. "We just have to be there for her. She will be sick and weak for a while no matter what we do." We all looked at her, I berried my head in her hair, and pulled her closer. Heather came round and placed her hand on my shoulder. The rest of the gang came round too. "Mmm" Astrid began to wake up again. Her eyes were barley open. "Hey." She softly said to us and layed her head back down on my shoulder. Heather grabbed her hand. "Hey Astrid." She said. "How you feeling?" I asked. "M'ok Hiccup." I smiled and kissed her lips. She weakly kissed back. "You need to stay in bed a bit longer though babe, ok? You're still weak." She snuggled more into me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her head. I layed her down and held her hand. "Night guys." Snoutlout said. "Night." We all said. The gang left and I got in bed with Astrid. "Hiccup?" "I'm here Astrid. What do you need?" "You." She sighed and snuggled into me again. "I love you Hiccup." I smiled. I kissed her cheek, "I love you too babe. Now sleep." And she fell asleep.


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