Baby's are hard work

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Got the Idea of RonHermiomeLove  chapter: Waiting. I love it ❤️ enjoy
Hiccups POV
I feel really bad, I had a cheif meeting and it lasted longer than I thought. Astrid hasn't had a chance to rest since she woke up which was hours before me, because she was taking care of our 3 month old daughter Annabeth, I knew she must be exhausted.
I walked in to see an empty room, I rushed up the stairs, opened our bedroom door and turned to the left to see my miracle asleep in her crib. By the chair next to the crib was my precious wife, Astrid. She was just beautiful. I knelt down next to her and shook her shoulder gently. She opened her ocean blue eyes and stared at me. "Babe, you're ... home.." she said just barley a whisper, I knew she was so tired she could pass out right there. I kissed her head, " Milady I need to get you to bed. You're exhausted." I stood up holding her forearm and hand, helping her up. She fell against me and I caught her. "Whoa Ast, careful" I lead her to our bed and laid her down, grabbing her head and gently placing it on the pillow. I laid next to her and wrapped my hands around her waist. "Goodnight, I love you much." I kissed her cheek and fell asleep with my love safely protected in my arms.

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