Couple kidnaped part 2

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Hiccups POV
I woke up to find my self in a cell, most likely the dragon hunters ships. I took a look around my surroundings and found an unconscious Astrid by my side.
"Astrid!" I lifted her into my lap and protectively wrapped my arms around her. "It's ok," I kept rocking back and forth, "come on Milady, wake up please." Before that happened though I heard the sounds of footsteps walking down into the cells. The devil stood Infront of us. "What do you want from us? What did you do to MY Astrid?!" "Oh Hiccup," Viggo said, "she will wake up eventually, she took up quite a beating." I looked down at her to indeed see bruises and red marks on her fave, neck and rest of her visable skin. "In fact we beated both of you but I know how much she means to you so I told my men to beat her even when she was still unconscious. In fact," at that moment several men came down the steps. "We are gonna give you a little deju vu."
A man came forward with what seemed to be a whip in his hand. Before I could respond they took Astrids ark and yanked her from me, the lashed the whip hard down onto her legs. "NOOOOO!! ASTRID! Stop it!" They finished with the total of 8 whip marks and I prayed that the gang got here in time. I gently craddeled Astrid in my arms and fell asleep.
Astrid POV
I opened my eyes to sensational pain running though my legs. I couldn't move, it was at then that I  felt arms wrapped round me. I shuffled a little to try and wake them up, I did. Hiccup woke up and gave me a reasuring hug.
Authors POV
Hiccup woke up and wrapped his arms around Astrid. " Oh thank the gods your ok Milady." He kissed her on the head. "Hiccup?" She tiredly said. "I'm here, don't worry the gang will be here soon.
Time skip to when gang arrive
Hiccups POV
I heard a loud bang, then realized that the gang must be here! "Hiccup! Astrid! It's safe come up." I heard Fishlegs yell. I got up and so did Astrid but she fell because of her whipped legs. I sighed and pulled her up, bridal style, carrying g her to the main deck. "Let's get outta here." We then got on our dragons and flew of, with Astrid in my lap. The gang told us about how when they met in the club house and they weren't there the went to each of our huts but couldn't find us. That's when they knew something was wrong.
"Astrid what happened to your legs." Snoutlout asked. I answered by saying about the whipping incident. "I would stay in bed for a few days to rest." I looked down but it turned out that she was asleep. "I love you." I kissed her on the cheek then head as we flew of to the edge.
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