Beserker Island pt.2

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Astrid and I were sleeping in my hut when I woke up only to be knocked out again. But I felt Astrid being taken out of me then it all went black...

Dagur POV
I finally had my love back and I'll never loose her again. She began to wake up.
"Where am I?"
"Your new ho-" I was in the middle of saying before the ship starting to shake.
"Hiccup." I spat.
"Hello Dagur I see you have my girlfriend."
And he punched me across the face and I blacked out.

Hiccup POV

I ran over to Astrid and hugged her tightly.
"Hey." I kissed her, she kissed back.
"Hi." She giggled.
We both laughed then went back to the edge.

Astrids POV

Hiccup had been very protective recently and wouldn't let me out of his sight. So one night I got out of his arms without waking him and went to the arena to train. (They're at the edge.)

I was in the middle of trading when I heard someone shout.
"What do you think you're doing?" Hiccup shouted.
"Training." I said.
"I told you not to sneak out. Dagur could be our there!"  He shouted making me flinch.
"Are you really that dumb to sneak around when a maniac is trying to capture you. God Astrid WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!"
He never shouts at me.
I started to cry..
I ran off, away from him.
I went up to my hut and locked myself in.

Hiccup POV

I felt bad for shouting at Astrid so I went to her hut and knocked on her door...
I waited but no reply.....

I'm being cruel and leaving you on a cliff hanger DONT PANIC THERE WILL BE A PART 3!!

Thanks to TheHiccstridLover33 for helping me out on this idea and giving it to me.

Later Doves xx🕊🕊

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