Earth to Astrid

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Based on photo above ^^

Hiccups POV

Astrid and I were in the woods having a walk. I brought binoculars and carried them around my neck. I lifted them to my eyes and saw a two birds sitting on top of eachother.
"Astrid look at this." I placed the binoculars over her eyes. She smiled.
"That's ad-." She stopped.
She grabbed the binoculars and held them to her face even closer.
She brought them down and looked kinda frozen.
"... You okay Astrid?" She didn't respond. "Uhhh, hello?" I waved my hand in front of her eyes.
"Earth to Astrid."  She shook her head.
"Sorry I thought I saw something." She grabbed my hand and turned us around.
"Let's head home." Her face was so cute. I couldn't help but laugh. "You're too cute." I kissed her nose. "Let's go." And she ran off back home.

"Astrid what did you see?"
"I have no idea what that thing was."


Just a short story.

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