Amnesia problems

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Authors POV
Hiccup and Astrid were taking a moonlight flight for a date.
"I'm really enjoying this, Hiccup." Astrid said.
"So am I Milady."

We were almost down when a massive flock of terrible terrors flew past, making us fall of our sandals.
"Agh Hiccup."
We landed with a thud, but I felt something under me but I blacked out before finding out what it was.

I woke up and remembered what happened.
"Ugh, Astrid?!"
I pushed my self up to feel something like hair on my hand. My vision cleared and I found out I was laying on Astrid, and she landed first.
"Astrid!" I picked her up and layed her on my lap. "Ugh, what happened?" She asked as she woke up.
"Um who are you?"
"Oh no..."
Time skip

I told Astrid everything, but nothing joged her memory. The twins tried some random stuff as well but nothing worked.
We called it a night and would try again in the morning.

The next day

Viggos POV

My men sneaked into hiccups girlfriend's hut. We had a plan to kidnap her and use her against them.
We grabbed her and gaged and then carried her out of her hut onto my ship.

"Ugh, who are you?"
I was dumb founded. This is perfect.
"I am your love, Astrid and I rescued you from the riders who kidnapped you."
"Oh, well thank you."
"Not a problem my dear."

The skip cause cba and I'm really tired

Hiccups POV

We had come to rescue Astrid from Viggo, and I was worried cause he could of tricked her cause she had lost her memory.
While the twins and Fishlegs fought, Snoutlout and I went down to get Astrid. She was lying on a bed. Unharmed? "Astrid, it's me Hiccup."
"No! You kidnapped me, my love Viggo saved me, get away!"
"No Astrid he tricked you! I'm your boyfriend!"
Without me noticing, Snoutlout walked up behind Astrid and hit her across the head, making her loose consciousness. He bent down and caught her head before it hit the ground.
"Great now let's leave."
I ran over to pick her up and we got the others and flew of to Berk to see if Gothi could help Astrid.

We had arrived at Berk and Gothi said that we needed to recreate what had happened for Astrid to get her memory back.
"Ok thank you Gothi."

"So what happened."
"Well me and Astrid were on a flight and we fell of our dragons. Astrid landed first and I landed on top of her."
"Ok then."
Fishlegs placed Astrid on Stormfly. We flew up and I had to push her off. "Please forgive me Astrid."
She landed again with a thud.

I flew down and we waited until she woke up. She was laying against me so she was Infront.
She then began to wake up
"Mmm Hiccup?"
"I'm right here Astrid"
The gang crowded around us.
"Do you remember us?" Snoutlout asked.
"Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?" Astrid questioned.
"Well we were on a flight for a date when we fell of our dragons. You landed first then I landed on top of you. You lost your memory and was captured by Viggo. He tricked you into thinking that you loved eachother. We then came to save you and Snoutlout hit you on the head cause you didn't agree to leave with us. I then had to push you from the Saddle and make you hit your head again in order to get your memory back."
"You're ok now though and you just need rest."
"Thank you Hiccup, thanks to all of you. But I am kinda tired so I'm just gonna have a little res..." But she fell asleep before she could finish her sentence. She slumped back a bit so her head was now resting on my chest instead of my shoulder. "Come on guys let's head back." I picked her up and put her Infront of me on toothless. I held onto her by holding her around the waist and layed her head down on my shoulder again. We flew back but I kept looking down at Astrid. She was just too beautiful. I kissed her head and cheek. "Sleep well Milady." I kissed her on the lips even know I knew she wouldn't kiss back. But after that she snuggled more into my shoulder and I layed my head down on hers.

Time skip

We arrived back at dragons edge and I carried Astrid to my room. I layed her on my bed. I wrapped my arms around her and was about to fall asleep when Astrid started moving.
"No" she sighed, she moved even more. She was having a nightmare.
"Astrid wake up. Wake up!"
"No! Get off Viggo!" Viggo? What happened while she was there?
I started shaking her. She woke up.
I hugged her tightly.
"Babe what's wrong?"
"I had a nightmare. Viggo was touching me and he cornered me. I hated it. He even locked me in a small closet and I had a panic attack, you know I'm claustrophobic dont you."
"I do, oh I am so sorry Astrid."
"Then I passed out and forgot about it  but the nightmare made me remember."
I hugged her again and kissed her head.
"It's ok just go back to sleep."
But when I looked down it turned out she had already fallen asleep.

She was shivering in her sleep so I slowly unwrapped my arms from around her and looked for another blanket. I wrapped it around her and she stopped shaking. "Goodnight Milady." I kissed her head and hugged her and kept her close. As long as I'm near her no one will take her away from me.


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