Hypothermia and Broken

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Astrids POV
Stormfly and I were on patrol scouting the island to make sure it's secure and there's no threat. We were just walking when we heard a rustling noise, that's when everything went down hill.
There was loads and loads and loads of night terrors that came out of a bush, when flying past, they knocked me into a cave and cause Stormfly was freaked out she was spewing fire everywhere and caused the cave to collapse on me. "Aghhhh!!" A boulder landed on my leg and it hurt so bad and it was also freezing, to add to that it made the floor which I was lying on even colder. I was in there for about 20 minutes and I was already freezing half to death. I hope stormfly went and got help.
Hiccup POV
The gang and I were looking for Astrid since she had been gone a while now. We were flying by when we saw stormfly scuttling and fidgeting out side a cave, with no Astrid? We flew down to see what was wrong. "Hey girl. What's wrong? Wheres Astrid?" I asked. She turned back to the cave. Snoutlout walked up to the cave. "Hiccup you don't think,"He asked me. "That Astrids in the cave, do you?" I ran up to the cave face, "ASTRID!! Can you hear me?" I heard a quiet groan that I just bearly heard. "Guys we have to move the boulder , Astrids in there." We all walked up to the cave with are dragons and stated to try and push them to the side. It wasn't working. So we then had the dragons shoot at it and it all came apart. I ran in to see a pale, blue-lipped, freezing looking Astrid with a boulder on her leg. "Astrid! Hey it's ok, it's ok." I reassured her. I layed her head on my lap and stroked her face. "We need to get rid of that boulder, dragons shoot at it, but DON'T miss!" They shot at it while Astrid was resting her head on me. I lifted her whole body up and carried her out of the cave. She was freezing. "Does anyone have a blanket?" Fishlegs ran of then came back with a blanket. "Thanks." I wrapped it round Astrid cause I had a feeling she had hyperthermia and we needed to warm her up. We also need to take care of her leg. I lifted her onto toothless and we took of towards the edge. "It's ok Milady." "Hiccup?" "It's ok just rest."
Time skip
Astrid was now lying in my bed next to the fire and with her leg in a cast. She would need crutches and assistance walking for a few weeks but had to stay in bed until she got warmer. I gave her soup and other warms this to eat and drink and she was ok in a few days.
I don't know why it's always Astrid getting hurt? But I know I'll always protect her.

Sorry the endings so short
Just a quick idea I had. Hoped you enjoyed.
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