Fight Pt.1

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"You Idiot!! You could off gotten yourself killed!"
"Astrid stop being so rediculous I just gave the flight suit a test run."
"And almost crashed and got yourself killed if toothless wasn't there to save you!"
"Well I don't know why you care so much, you never even noticed me when I was younger!"
"I did! But if I talked to you my family would disown me and I can't let that happen!"
"No I don't think so. You just began to like me when I trained dragons and I was actually liked and I was going to become cheif so you could be cheiftess, that's what happened!"

Astrid was shocked. She couldn't believe Hiccup actually said that about her.
"That is not true. I can't believe you said that. You know what if you want me gone I'm gone, hopefully now you're happy, Cheif." She mocked as she curtsied (no idea how you spell that when you bow but what people say woman do?)

Astrid stormed out.
"Aghhhh!!" Hiccup screamed and threw a cup over the room and it hit the wall.

Time skip

If began to pour with rain, there was lighting that filled the entire sky and extremely loud thunder. Astrid still wasn't back yet.

"Let's go and look for Astrid, bud."
They flew out in search for Astrid.

Little did they know that Astrid had been struck by lightning and is left unconscious on a beach with the tide coming in....

Part 2 coming soon.

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