Snow way out part 2

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Hiccups POV

I sat on a chair next to Astrid who was sleeping on my bed. She was still shivering however. I picked her up and frowned when I felt the heat that was in her a few minutes ago gone. I wrapped my arms round her but kept her in her blanket. She began to stir.
"Shh Milady, you need to rest." She stared at me.
"H-hi-cc-up I-m I'm col-d." I hated seeing her like this.
"I know babe I know." I whispered.
All of a sudden my hut door blow open with a gust of freezing wind. I kept my arms around Astrid and toothless shut the door. I turned back to Astrid and she had fainted. "Oh no Astrid! Toothless go get the others!"

He came back with the rest of the gang. "Hiccup what's wrong?" Fishlegs asked.
"The door blew open and Astrid fainted!"
"We need Gothi now!"
"Fishlegs, we can fly in that weather with a coat on, Astrid wont last 1 minute." Snoutlout said
"No he's right," said Hiccup. "We'll wrap her up really warm, she needs Gothi."
They left to go get some warms clothes. After hiccup put his jacket, gloves, hat and scarf on he turned to Astrid. He put his old tunic on her, wrapped her in 2 jackets, put 3 blanket in his bag, 2 scarfs round her neck and 2 pairs of gloves and a hat. He put warm pants and boots on and then placed her Infront of him on toothless. And the gang took of.

Hiccup had Astrid sat so she was laying against him and her head on his chest. He kept looking down at her to make sure she was alright.

They landed and went up to Gothi's.
Hiccup placed Astrid on a bed and grabbed her hands. Hiccup was given a bottle of liquid to give to her every day, it should warm her up quicker.

Hiccup went back to his house and placed Astrid in his old room and kissed her head.


Sorry it's short
I'll post part 3 soon

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