Stormy Night

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@Yarmoh12 gave me this idea so thanks for the suggestion.

Astrids POV

I was out for a walk in the woods when it started to pour down. I was freezing. I tried to find my way back to the village but I couldn't see right cause of the rain and I was shivering.

I began to get dizzy, I've been out in the cold for too long. I sat down against a tree, hugging myself and trying to warm myself up. But it wasn't working. I was freezing and shivering and too be honest I was getting kinda scared. I don't want to die of the cold, I need Hiccup. My vision went black and I passed out against the tree.

Hiccups POV

I was up waiting for Astrid to get back from her walk but. I was getting worried  about her and plus there's a storm and the wind is really strong and the rain is pouring down. "Toothless, let's go look for Astrid bud." I got onto toothless and flew of into the woods.

Time skip

I brought an umbrella with me and a jacket cause it was so cold. I turned the corner to see a hand laying limply next to the tree. "Astrid?" I ran over and it ended up being Astrid. "Astrid! Oh gods." I gathered her in my arms. She was freezing. I took my jacket off and wrapped it round her. I picked her up and put her Infront of me on toothless and had one arm wrapped round her.

Back at the Haddock house

I raced up the stairs and placed Astrid on the bed and wrapped the covers around her. I stayed with her all night with my arms wrapped around her and waited until she woke up.

She started twisting side to side meaning she was waking up.
I shook her shoulder, "Astrid?"
She slowly opened her eyes, "Hiccup? I'm cold."
"I know, I know." I layed down next to her and gave her a hug. "You're ok now." She fell asleep in my arms.
I kissed her on the head and fell asleep as well.

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