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I have several one shots in progress and I'm now working on.

1. Take your medicine

Stubborn Astrid who's sick and won't admit that she is and won't take her medicine then the gang have to pin her down for her to take it.

2. You're not going to starve yourself on Thanksgiving.

Hiccup and Astrid depressed after having a miscarriage and refuse to eat.

3. You're bleeding on my carpet.

Astrid starts her period while with Hiccup.

4. Living on the edge what if.

When hiccup leaves Astrid behind, what if something did go wrong? Like one dragon hunter was hiding in the dark...?

5. Amnesia problems.

Requested by @TheHiccstridLover33 Astrid gets amnesia from a fall and is captured by Viggo, and is tucked into thinking that they love eachother. Can hiccup and the gang save her and snap her out of it. And how do they help her amnesia? Maybe by reacting what happened when she got it?

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