You're bleeding all over my bed

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(Just pretend that they had bedsheets in their time)

Hiccups POV

Astrid and I were laying on my bed just relaxing after ending the war with Krogen. Astrid had fallen asleep, but I was still wide awake. She's so beautiful, I couldn't help but look at her.

She was moving around quite a bit, I thought she was having a nightmare but she had a relaxed face. When she turned over, I looked down and saw blood on the sheets. I looked back at her face and saw some pain hidden in there. I slowly unwrapped my arms from around her and lifted her up bridal style onto the couch downstairs. I covered her with a fresh, clean blanket and got a hot water bottle and placed it down on the couch, I then placed her on top of it incase her back ached. I got some hot water and something to eat when she woke up.

Time skip

I was sitting with Astrid and I placed her head on my lap. I was playing with her hair when she woke up.
"Morning Babe." I whispered. She just moaned.
"I'm sorry Astrid, but you're on your period." She looked at me with a sad face.
"Oh. Why is my back so hot?"
"Well you were asleep and I saw blood on the bedsheet, so I carried you down here, covered you with a blanket and got a hot water bottle and layed you on it." I explained.
"Thank you Hiccup." She said tiredly.
"No problem, I also got you something to eat and drink."
She sighed, "You're the best babe."
I stared at her as she slowly fell asleep.

"Anything for you Milady. Anything."


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