Berserker Island

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??? POV

I sneaked into Hiccups girlfriends hut, quietly opening the door. I walked up the stairs to find her sleeping silently in her bed. I pressed my hand against her mouth, resulting her to wake up. I wrapped a cloth round her mouth and restrained her. I managed to tie rope around her ankles, knees, hands, arms Which I tied to her waist and her upper arm. I can't let her get away. She will be mine. I left a note then I put her in a sack and Carried her over my shoulder onto my ship and sailed off.

Hiccups POV

I woke up and went to the clubhouse for Breakfast. "Morning Guys."
I noticed Astrid wasn't there, "Has anyone seen Astrid?" I asked.
I left to go to her hut.

I saw a note on the table.
Hello Brother,


In case you wondering I have you precious Astrid. And if you want her back, give me the dragon eye! Also here's a little something to make your BLOOD boil. You will find us on Beserker Island

There was a red stain on the sheet. It looked like, blood? I then realized it was Astrids blood! I went to tell the gang and we were of to Beserker Island.

Dagurs POV

"Morning Sunshine. You will love me and you will be mine....."

Time skip
Astrids POV

Dagurs had been flirting with me and bribing me into agreeing to marry him and love him. Like hell I would!! I love Hiccup and I know he will save me.
I couldn't move cause of how many ropes there were and how tight they were. I finally heard my favourite night fury screech. Hiccup.


"Quiet!" Dagur gagged me again.

I saw Hiccup come down the stairs,
"Let her go Dagur."
"Oh I don't think so. She will love me and will be my wife."
"Toothless, of you would."
He fired at Dagur, and he fell into the ocean, doing a belly flop.
He coughed and sputtered. "You won't get away with this!"
"I just did!"

Hiccups POV

I ran over to Astrid.
"Hmmm!!" She muffled under the gag.
"It's ok, it's ok." I took the gag of her mouth.
"Thanks Hiccup."
I untied her legs, arms and hands. But it wasn't easy.
"Wow, he tied these really tight." I noticed some cuts from where the cuts were.
"Oh." I got some bandages and wrapped them round her cuts.
"Let's go home Milady."
"Couldn't agree more.


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