Astrid's Bully

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I was in the forest practicing my axe throwing when I heard the voice of my monster. Hailey. Hailey is my bully. Ever since we were kids, she would always call me names, tell me to do things to myself and hurt me.
"Hello Astrid." She said.
"Hello Hailey." I spat.
She walked up to me and slapped my axe out of my hand. Hailey is very good at combat as well.
"Why haven't you cut your wrist yet? I would've thought that you would've done it ages ago, there's no reason for you to live. Hiccup just pretends he loves you so he can have a child and and hair to the throne. He doesn't love a loser like you, who would? You're disgusting, ugly, messy, fat and should kill yourself and end your bloody life. He'll end up loving someone else."
I tried to keep my tears in.

She then took out a bottle sort of thing with purple liquid in it and sprayed me with it. I got dizzy and passed out.

Time skip

Astrid still wasn't back yet so I told everyone to meet in the great hall.
"Attention please. Astrid is still not back yet from her training session. I'm starting a search party for her and we will not rest untill she is found. If you find her, bring her to me straight away. I will be in our hut. Thank you off you go."
They all searched off in the hopes of finding Astrid.

Sven's POV

I was searching for Astrid when I found a lady on the floor, unconscious. "Miss? Are you alright?" I ran up to the lady and found out it was Astrid. She looked like she was beat up quite badly. I picked her up and she moaned in pain. "Hiccup?" "It's Sven Miss Astrid, don't worry you'll be with hiccup in a moment."
I hurried back to the Haddock's house.

Hiccups POV

I was pacing round the hut when Sven burst in holding a barley conscious Astrid in his arms. I ran to them. "Astrid!" I took her in my arms.
She moaned. "Mm Hiccup."
"Shhh, it's ok, it's ok. Thank you Sven."
He nodded.
"Please go and get Gothi." He left and got Gothi.
I carried Astrid up to our bed.
"Milady? What happened?" I asked while I held her hand.
She sighed, "Hailey. She said some awful things saying I'm ugly, fat, that I should cut my wrist and kill myself, disgusting and a loser. And that you don't love me. And that you'll love someone else."

I kissed her head, hand, cheek, neck and ended up on her lips.
"Astrid, don't ever listen to her. I love you with all my heart. And none of those things are true." I brought her hand to my lips and kissed her hand and her wedding ring. "Why would I marry you if I didn't. They aren't true. Well except from one." She looked really sad.
"I will love someone else as well as you. And they will call you mommy." I kissed her lips.
She kissed back and smiled.
"I love you." I said.
"I love you more." I kissed her nose.
"Not possible."

Gothi came in and bandaged her injury. She had a bandage round her head, hand, arm, leg, knee, ankle, thigh, other ankle and some plasters on her face. I kissed all the areas bandaged. "I hate seeing you in pain." I stroked her hair. She fell asleep against my chest. I placed a blanket round her and made sure she was warm then layed next to her with my head on hers and fell asleep.

The next morning

I woke up to see Astrid still asleep but stirring. I kissed her head.
"Morning Milady. How are you feeling."
She groaned. "I feel really dizzy."
I frowned. I got her some water and helped her drink it. "Here you go babe."
"Thank you Hiccup."
She fell back asleep.
"Sleep well honey." I kissed her cheek.
And went downstairs to do some work.


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