Chapter 73 - Holding On

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He reached desperately for that high place in his mind, the one that had kept him as Harry's anchor the last time they had used this ritual. He needed calm, he needed control and for that he stepped into an altered state. If any of the Death Eaters woke up before help arrived he would be defenceless, but he had no choice.

Emotion switched off, pain became irrelevant and with cold calm he took hold of his magic. He pulled it back, regulating the flow and he stared down at Harry's immobile form impassively. He had one purpose and one purpose only; to keep Harry alive, and that he would do until he had nothing left to give.

"Draco," he knew the voice speaking to him, but he did not react.

When a hand touched his shoulder he did look at it and then up as Sirius, who was now standing over him, but then he turned back to Harry.

"Is Harry..?" Ron asked from somewhere else.

A voice in the back of his mind pointed out the cavalry had arrived, but he did not sway from his task.

"No," Sirius said, "I can see him breathing."

"What's wrong with Draco?" Ron again.

"It's a blood bond," Hermione said.

"They used it in the ceremony to bring me back," Sirius agreed, "Draco must have initiated it for Harry."

"It could kill him," Hermione pointed out.

"I don't think he cares," Remus said. "We need to get them to Madam Pomfrey immediately."

When someone grabbed him under the arms and pulled him up, Draco did not resist. With the blood bond he did not need physical contact with Harry. He even stood, holding his own weight, although the person supporting him did not release him, as Remus picked up Harry without any hesitation.

The Forbidden Forest vanished and the hospital wing appeared, but all Draco really cared about was Harry. Healers and helpers went into motion around him as all the preparations Hogwarts had made came into play, and he just watched.

He would not let Harry die; it was as simple as that.

* * *

Harry opened his eyes onto a world of pain and confusion. He could barely see out of one eye and the other showed him only hazy shapes. There was noise and bustle all around him and he sensed the urgency in the people close to him. Yet in the disorder there was a point of calm and Harry reached for it. As he touched this centre of tranquillity he found himself looking at the room in which he was lying from a different place. He could see his own broken body, flanked on each side by a healer with Madam Pomfrey at his head.

They had mostly stripped him and Harry could see the after effects of the curses that had rebounded onto him, rippling below his skin. This was not his Hecatemus abilities since the eyes out of which he was looking did not see that way, this was normal vision. The magic which was consuming his body was so strong it was visible to the naked eye.

[They have been working for nearly an hour already,] Draco's voice told him without a trace of emotion. [Madam Pomfrey will not let them give up.]

At the contact Harry realised where the well of calm surrounding his consciousness was coming from: his soulmate was holding him in a mental embrace. Draco felt completely at ease, almost as if he was disconnected from what was happening and Harry knew his lover was sheltering him. He had no strength to reply to Draco's thoughts, but he held to the mental presence.

[You must fight, Harry,] Draco told him. [I am here when you need me, but you must return now.]

Suddenly Harry was back in his body, back amidst the turmoil and the agony. It hurt as the dark magic moved within him and foiled all attempts of his carers to heal him and it drew a moan from his tortured chest.

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