Chapter 19 - Questions

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Harry refused to take his eyes off the wizard who still looked like Duggan. Remus did the honours of moving their unknown saboteur, while Dumbledore led and everyone else followed along. Back in the headmaster's office they were met by Snape and Shacklebolt.

"That can't be Duggan," Shacklebolt said as soon as he saw the prisoner, "I just left him."

"Yes, we are aware of that, thank you, Kingsley," Dumbledore replied. "Harry provided the information."

Snape glared at Harry for that, but he was used to ignoring the head of Slytherin when the man was in one of his moods. They had declared peace, but there was still plenty of friction.

Remus set their prisoner in a waiting chair and Dumbledore then bound the man with magical ropes. Taking a quick peek, Harry was sure nothing short of the headmaster removing the spell was going to get the saboteur out of the bindings. They positively glowed in his vision.

"As you requested, Headmaster," Snape said in typical Slytherin fashion and handed over two small bottles.

"Thank you, Severus," Dumbledore said. "Remus, if you will hold our prisoner's head."

Remus didn't so much as hesitate and lifted the unconscious man's chin before opening his mouth. The headmaster efficiently poured the contents of one of the bottles down their prisoner's throat. Almost instantly he began to lose his current shape, skin bubbling and moving as all too familiar features began to form.

"Fitzsimons," Draco said, voice dripping with loathing.

Harry placed a hand on his soulmate's arm. Draco had not liked Fitzsimons since the incident in the first class, but Harry could feel the boiling rage his soulmate was now barely controlling.

"I thought he only came back to Hogwarts when extra Aurors were drafted in," Harry said, because he knew all too well when the man had originally left.

"I was under a similar impression," Shacklebolt agreed.

"So were we all," Dumbledore agreed. "Harry are you able to recognise Mr Fitzsimons' magical signature from the Quidditch pitch?"

Harry lowered his barriers again, but everything he could see was still jumbled.

"There's something mixing up his signals," he said.

"I should never have let you tell the truth to those Ministry busy bodies after the first incident," Draco said, glaring at the still unconscious man.

"Kingsley, Remus," Dumbledore said, "if you would be so good as to search Mr Fitzsimons."

Harry had never seen such an efficient search as the two men set about their task without the slightest hesitation. They started with spells, which caused Harry to put his barriers back to full strength. Some of the charms Harry had never seen before. Then the pair went in for the manual method. Remus soon pulled an amulet on a chain from under Fitzsimons' clothing.

"This must be it," he said.

Dumbledore stepped forward to investigate and Harry took the chance that there would be no strong magic flying around for a few seconds, to take a look at the amulet as well. The object made his head spin when he tried to stare at it. He had to blink and look away.

[What?] Draco asked immediately. [Are you okay?]

[I took a look at the amulet,] Harry replied. [I'm fine, but it makes my vision go all wobbly when I look at it. I think that's definitely it.]

He shared what he had experience with Draco.

[Some kind of warping charm,] Draco said, [very sophisticated.]

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