Chapter 48 - More Truth

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It was somewhere during his second glass of firewhisky, which Harry realised he had been staring at for a good few minutes since the conversation had run dry, that he looked up at Sirius and Remus and found the pair leaning on each other. There was nothing overtly odd about the position his godfather and friend were in; they looked for all the world exactly what they were: two old friends enjoying a drink together. However, the pose sparked curiosity and something else in him. On impulse he lowered his barriers to see what he could see.

For a while Harry just sat there staring, since neither man appeared to have noticed his scrutiny. Remus, who happened to be closest to him, was literally glowing. There was the deep gold of love, not entirely unexpected. What had his attention, however, was the healthy edge of dark red, fiery sexual attraction.

Harry looked at Sirius. There was a core of gold around his godfather, not surprising given how close the two had been as teenagers, but the fact that Sirius was also ablaze with 'any one else touches you and they're dead' type emotion all completely focused at Remus rather took Harry's breath away.

That the two men were clearly madly in love and lust with each other and hadn't even shown the slightest indication on the outside, as far as Harry could tell, was rather shocking. It suddenly occurred to Harry that Sirius and Remus were sitting next to each other pretending to be nothing more than friends when, in fact, they were hopelessly in love with each other.

It finally occurred to Harry that what had spurred his curiosity was sexual tension. At least he was pretty sure it was. He had ceased to analyse how he could deduce these things; he was obviously reading something from what he saw, but it was all instinct and the details were hazy. He was, however, completely certain of his facts.

[They want each other so badly it must hurt,] he said as he kicked his semi-inebriated mind into gear.

Draco looked at him with a raised eyebrow from where he was draped elegantly over the end of the sofa. Harry knew he couldn't explain so he showed his soulmate what he was talking about and then Draco was looking at their companions as hard as he was.

[They're been friends too long,] Draco decided in his usual, rational manner, [they need a push.]

If he had been less relaxed from the alcohol, Draco's reaction might have caused more alarm in Harry, as it was, he glanced questioningly at his soulmate and Draco smiled back mischievously.

[Conversation's dead,] Draco mused with a calculating grin, [might as well find something else to do for a while.]

And then, as Harry watched, Draco languidly pushed himself off the arm of the sofa and moved towards him. Just as he had un-draped himself from the furniture, Draco re-draped himself over Harry, straddling him and settling over his legs. Leaning forward, Draco captured Harry's mouth and he gave in to the kiss, opening his lips as his lover brushed them with his tongue. It never occurred to him not to go along with whatever Draco was planning. He also hadn't realised quite how in need of the kiss he was. By the time Draco broke away Harry had almost completely forgotten why they were doing this in the first place.

"Having fun?" Sirius asked in as amused tone.

Harry turned his head sideways so he could see around Draco to where Remus and his godfather were grinning at him from ear to ear. Heat rose in his cheeks, but he couldn't help the smile that crept onto his face. Draco on the other hand was the epitome of calm and collected as he twisted where he was sitting, throwing a disdainful look at the other two men.

"We just thought we'd show you oldies how it's done," Draco said with calculated arrogance.

Sirius' mouth fell open in indignation.

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