Chapter 49 - Other Priorities

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A/N: before anyone points out that Draco's birthday is not in Dec - I know, but when GTS was written we didn't know and so I made it up. Since it's a plot point in the original I'm not glossing over it :).


Now that all the excitement with Sirius was over, Harry had three things on his mind: Draco's birthday, Christmas and their other side project that had been put on hold while they dealt with Sirius.

He had plans for Draco's birthday and it was impossible to arrange a trip to Diagon Alley with him still being slightly less than top form, so he was dealing with that by owl. They were spending Christmas at Hogwarts with Narcissa, Sirius and Remus. Molly and Arthur had invited them to the Burrow, but it was Draco's turn to spend it with his family, now that he had one. Harry had been adamant about that.

That just left the other project. He and Draco may have figured out how to ward against their new method of travel, however, they still hadn't figured out how to let anyone else do it. What with everything else going on, it had taken a back seat.

"I think I know why Apparition used such a direct method," Harry said, looking up from the book he had borrowed from the library for yet more research; "it's the easiest."

Draco glanced at him from where he was marking Potions essays. That was one advantage of teaching flying; there were no essays unless they were a punishment of some description. Draco had promised to help him with the research once "the abominable creations" were done with.

"That would make sense," Draco replied.

"You don't have to know anything except where you want to get to," Harry continued, "you just blow a hole from wherever you are to wherever you want to be. It's barbaric, but direct. With the energy link you not only have to know where you want to go, but you have to figure out which energy strand you need to get there. I still have no idea how we do that."

It was frustrating to know he could do something, but not to be able to explain how he did it.

"It is possible that it's something about you that makes it possible," Draco said. "We spent so long worrying that we didn't really stop to think that it might actually be impossible for anyone except you or me."

"It's magic," Harry replied, "and I never underestimate magic. The problem with thinking something is impossible is then someone comes along and shows you it isn't."

Draco smiled a little at that.

"I think that might be you come along and show them it isn't," Draco said. "You may be over estimating the abilities of the rest of the universe."

Harry frowned and then put his book down completely.

"Are we going about this the wrong way?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" Draco encouraged him.

"Okay, so you say it might actually be impossible to create a spell that lets a normal person see what we see," Harry said, "or even if it was, they probably wouldn't have the instinct to use it anyway."

Draco nodded.

"Then what if we could create a tool that could do that bit for them?" Harry asked. "Like the matrix stone, only smaller, with a specific spell to activate it."

Popping his quill back in the ink well, Draco set aside the essay he was marking and turned towards Harry properly.

"That might work," Draco said, "but would we want everyone to be able to pick something up and just be able to make it work like that?"

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