Chapter 78 - Sorting Things

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Draco wasn't overly happy that they had not postponed the meeting with Mr Ollivander. He wanted Harry to have some more recovery time before dealing with the whole wand problem. However, Harry had been adamant. It was only the fact that he could tell Harry was uncomfortable without a wand that made him give in.

He did his very best not to glare at Ollivander when he and Harry walked into the Headmaster's office to find the man already there. It wasn't the wandmaker's fault, but Draco needed someone to take his ire out on.

"Welcome, welcome, dear boys," Albus said, coming round from behind his desk, "thank you so much for joining us."

Harry smiled at the headmaster and Draco could only tell his soulmate wasn't quite feeling it because he was inside Harry's head. Harry was getting far too good at hiding what he was feeling.

"Thank you for coming, Mr Ollivander," Harry said, holding out his hand to the man, "I'm sorry to be such a bother."

"Not at all, Mr Potter," Ollivander said, shaking Harry's hand and then keeping hold of it and looking down, "I am honoured by your faith in my skill."

The way the wandmaker was carefully examining Harry's hand was clearly making Harry uncomfortable, so Draco placed a hand on his soulmate's back in gentle support. He didn't want to do anything else for fear of interrupting Ollivander's concentration. If anyone could sort this out it was the best wand maker in the world.

"Most interesting," Ollivander said, finally looking up, but still keeping hold of Harry's hand.

Draco could all but feel the man's magic through Harry.

"Will I be able to use another wand?" Harry asked, sounding more than a little on edge.

"Yes," Ollivander said and finally released Harry. "You may have to adjust slightly for the extra magic travelling through the imbedded fragments, but someone of your talents should have no problem with that."

Draco assumed the man was talking about Harry's Hecatemus status. Being able to see magic definitely helped with refocusing it.

"However, the new wand will need to be made of identical materials as your old one," were the words that made Draco and everyone else in the room look over at Fawkes, where the phoenix was currently cleaning his plumage.

Fawkes lifted his head, glanced around at them all and then went back to preening.

"Do you think he would..." Harry sounded reluctant to ask the obvious question.

Fawkes had already saved their lives and Draco could understand the reluctance to ask more of the bird. What he did not expect was for Mr Ollivander to pull a box from within his robes. It looked like a wand box.

"A few months ago I had a visitor very late at night," Ollivander said; "he flew through my bedroom window. He left me with a tail feather and the finest piece of holly I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Since I find it best never to argue with a magical creature as powerful as a Phoenix, I made this."

When Ollivander opened the box he revealed an exquisite wand. It did not look like Harry's old wand, it was longer and slightly broader at the base, but it was clearly made out of the same wood. Draco watched Harry stare at the wand, then look over at Fawkes, who was now ignoring them, and then back at the wand.

"I would take it if I were you, Mr Potter," Ollivander said, a small smile playing at his lips. "At least now I understand why I was urged to make it."

[Go on, Love,] Draco encouraged Harry when his soulmate glanced at him for support.

Harry reached out, almost as if it might bite, slowly wrapping his fingers around the wand. As soon as Harry lifted it out of the box sparks shot out of the end in joyful appreciation. To Draco it felt as if there was a metaphysical click.

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