Chapter 33 - Firsts

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"Uh-oh," Harry said when he read the note from the headmaster.

"Do I want to know?" Draco asked, looking up from where he was making notes at the desk.

"The venue for the DA has changed from the Charms Classroom to the Great Hall."

"Oh," Draco said. "So more people signed up than expected then?"

The new DA was open to fifth years and above, but Harry had been thinking it would be the same old crowd with a few extras. They had discussed using the Room of Requirement, but Albus seemed to want that reserved for special purposes only, and Harry had to say he agreed. He had thought the Charms Classroom would have been plenty large enough. Apparently he was wrong.

"I'm hoping it's for another reason I can't quite think of at the moment," he said, "but yes, I expect you're right."

"Come on then," Draco said, putting his notes aside, "let's get there before any fights break out."

Harry took a deep breath, mentally checked his shields, because it always helped him focus, and stood up.

"Okay," he said, "let's get this over with."

As they stepped out of their room, they found Ron already in the corridor.

"You got a note too then?" Ron asked, looking a little paler than usual. "What have we let ourselves in for?"

"I don't know," Harry replied, "but if there are too many people we're roping in Susan as well."

As if on cue, one of the doors further up the corridor opened and out stepped Susan Bones.

[Merlin's balls,] Harry swore silently.

Since he was staff now he thought it was probably better to do such things where only Draco could hear.

"The headmaster asked me to see if you need some extra help," Susan said.

Harry had a sinking feeling.

"Great," he said, putting on a smile nevertheless. "Let's get there before the Gryfdfindors and Slytherins get any ideas."

"You think the Slytherins will be there as well?" Ron asked, looking even more perturbed.

"Oh undoubtedly," Draco said. "Half of them have probably been told to attend by their parents."

"Brilliant," Ron said.

With that they headed off towards the Great Hall.

As they approached the doors Harry pulled himself to his full height and did his best to look confident. Draco of course was the epitome of poised that Harry could only dream of. It really was amazing how different Draco's outside could be to his inside.

When they walked in Harry's stride almost faltered, but he kept walking.

[So that's a full house then, do you reckon?] he asked Draco silently.

As he spoke three sixth years dashed in behind him and joined the other pupils.

[I'd have to say yes,] Draco replied.

[Wish me luck.]

[I would, but you don't need it,] Draco replied. [You taught a whole group of barely skilled children how to defend themselves so well that this summer the whole lot of them confounded a bunch of fully trained Aurors. You'll be fine, and if any of my house try anything I will hex them every which way from Sunday.]

[Good to know,] Harry replied and strode to the front of the hall.

This was going to be interesting if nothing else.

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